Doda triumphed in Kielce. She took the award and hit the RMF FM pin. “Thank you for never …”

She will add It ended this year’s Magic End of Holiday festival organized by RMF FM and Polsat with a bang. The artist first performed “Don’t Wanna Hide “, which is a song promoting the upcoming filmDubai girls“, and then the audience chose her song as a summer hit. She will add she wouldn’t be herself if she didn’t add a little spice at the end.

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“Dubai Girls” – there’s the first trailer. “How much would someone have to pay to sleep with you?”

Doda’s hit performance at the RMF FM and Polsat concert. What an outfit!

Doda triumphed in Kielce. She took the award and stuck in the RMF FM pin

Since Doda released the music video for the song “Don’t Wanna Hide”, she accuses the media of hypocrisy. A few weeks ago, she stated that the brave clip was blocked on TV, so it cannot be seen before 10 pm. During Saturday’s Magic End of Vacation festival, the artist competed in the competition for the greatest hit of the summer. After winning, she stuck the pin of the RMF FM station, which, although co-organizing the event, reportedly never played her number even once.

Thank you RMF FM for never playing me. Thank you to Polsat for the invitation, Nina Terentiew, to the whole team that supported me on stage. And my fans in the first place, you’ve been supporting me so much for so many years. I really wasn’t expecting. I am not prepared at all, but I will make up for it with charisma – she commented from the stage.

Do you think that since the song “Don’t Wanna Hide” was the hit of the summer, the station will now play it on air?

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Roksana WęgielIf you thought the Roxie glasses were the weirdest, then you haven’t seen these pants

Let us remind you that apart from Doda, the following participants also took part in the summer hit contest: Roksana Węgiel with the song “Korona”, Sylwia Grzeszczak with the song “Prawda o nas”, Arek Kłusowski with “Ideal son”, C-Bool (“Golden Rules”), Michał Szczygieł with “Spontane”, Martin Lange with “Kłamiesz”, Three of Us with “Glass ceiling”, Daria (“Love Blind”) i Grzegorz Hyży with “King of Summer”.

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