Does Anyone Know, What Is The Original Color Of The Moon?


When you see Month During the day, Earth’s natural satellite looks dim and white surrounded by blue skies. At night, the Moon will look bright yellow. Anyone know, what is the actual color of the Moon?

Why does the Moon appear to change color from white to yellow as it changes from day to night, and why does the Moon appear gray in many photos, especially those from space?

According to NASA, color Month predominantly controlled by variations in iron and titanium content. Just like the color of the Moon in many photos, the Moon has a true gray color.

Quoted from Universe Today, This gray color comes from the Moon’s surface which is mostly oxygen, silicon, magnesium, iron, calcium, and aluminum.

In fact, there are also green moon rocks known as olivine, but there are not many of them. Moon rocks that are lighter in color are usually plagioclase feldspar, while darker rocks are pyroxene.

Most of the rock that we can see is volcanic rock and was then ejected from inside the Moon during volcanic eruptions. When we view the Moon from Earth, some of the atmosphere will block our view. This will affect how the color of the Moon will appear to the eye.

Particles in the atmosphere scatter certain wavelengths of light and allow other wavelengths to pass directly through them. When the Moon is low in the sky, we see the Moon’s light penetrate most of the atmosphere.

Light at the blue end of the spectrum is not scattered, while red light is not. This is the reason why the Moon looks redder. The higher up in the sky, the more the Moon will be covered by the atmosphere. This causes the Moon’s color to turn yellower as it does to the Sun when it rises in the sky.

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When position Month slightly higher, the obstruction from Earth’s atmosphere causes the Moon to appear bluish-white during the day. That’s why the color of the Moon sometimes looks different.

The dark areas we see on the Moon, called Lunar Maria, were formed by ancient volcanic eruptions. Lunar maria covers about 16% of the Moon’s surface and most of it on the side that we can see from Earth. Astronomers think Lunar Maria formed about 3-3.5 billion years ago, when the Moon was much more volcanically active.

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