Does Google save your purchases? It depends on your e-mail address ⊂ · ⊃


Perhaps you've already noticed: Google remembers what you've bought in recent years, presumably also in the retail trade. However, not all Gmail users can directly find a long list of products in their account that they got through Amazon and Co.

Google stores almost all of your purchases, you will receive a confirmation email from Gmail, CNBC reports. So the search engine giant is to collect orders from you. The data seems to go back many years and it seems that you have to manually delete every single entry if you want to cancel the tracking – a boring job. However, this was not necessary for one of our private accounts (linked to a Google account and running the Gmail app), as not a single purchase is listed.

Only with gmail?

Before you panic, because the search engine giant knows all your purchases, you should consider something. Obviously, this only applies if you also use a Gmail email address. If you use the Gmail app on your smartphone with an email account from another provider, the shopping list will remain empty. As you can see on your Google account page under "Purchases".

Although Google lists all the orders from you in recent years: according to the search engine giant, this data is not used for advertising. They should serve alone to give you a vision of togetherness. However, the company could use the data in "other services". According to Google, you can disable tracking in the search settings on the account's website. Like CNBC but we didn't find the corresponding entry.

However, we expect it to turn off monitoring by turning off "Web and app activity" in the Activity settings. But you could also disable some other customizations that you might even want to use.


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