Does it really make sense to ban plastic bags?


Plastic waste pollutes the environment and endangers animals. Environment Minister Svenja Schulze wants to ban plastic bags therefore – which does not like the trade. A mill expert explains what the pros and cons are. (t) plastic (t) plastic bags (t) Brech-Sarah-Maria (t) Müller (t) Gerd (CSU) (t) plastic (t) Söder (t) Markus (t) Schulze (t) Svenja (t ) Environmental protection (t) Environmental protection (t) Markus Söder (t) Gerd Müller (t) CSU (t) plastic bags (t) SPD (t) Hochschule Bremen (t) Europe (t) Svenja Schulze (t) Trade (t) plastic bag (t) Martin Wittmaier (t) smartphone


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