Does she know about witchcraft?: An actor lashed out at Niurka Marcos and revived an old fight

The renowned actor Alfonso de Nigris had his reappearance this week in the media to make a couple of forceful revelations that he pointed to the vedette Niurka Marcos. Unexpectedly, he recalled the great dispute he had with her on a previous occasion when both showed to have conflicting opinions on an issue that addresses the concept of a “traditional family”. But the two fired when they knew that they did not match their positions.

The also known as Poncho de Nigris expressed that his position is that the family is made up of the mother, father and children. But this generated the annoyance of the diva of Cuban origin. In fact, these differences were exposed on their respective profiles on Twitter causing a stir among their fans, who at first did not understand why so much controversy between them. And it turns out that this lawsuit took longer than necessary.

The former Big Brother was open to saying everything he thinks of her and expressed that Niurka Marcos only “has the talent of knowing witchcraft, criticizing and defame”. In addition, he alleged that he only seeks to gain visibility and controversy around her so as not to be left out of the sphere of entertainment, despite the fact that she is already 52 years old. ?? She hurts, speaks ill of everyone and throws witchcraft ??, he reiterated.

Niurka’s response was titanic. Just as expected of her. In his opinion, the definition of the actor Alfonso de Nigris left out the people of the gay community, who also have the right to live in peace, happy and with a family with children included. We are all the same. Don’t be an asshole ??, he pointed.


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