Does Stan Lee's legacy already suffer from strokes of meaty disgust?


What is the superhero, but a person who does extraordinary things in a rather ordinary way. Stan Lee – the same superhuman – who gave this world so many reasons to feel super, became a point of discussion after his death. According to Lee's daughter, J.C. Lee, neither Marvel nor Disney contacted them after his father's death, despite both having recently put on a cameo series with 95 years of future films. Stating further that it is both studies that lacked respect for Stan Lee.

The statements imply that the film future of Stan Lee's creation could be under the scanner after the claims, but the extent of the support to which Marvel and Disney have supported Lee financially has much to say about the issue.

Beginning in 2005, Marvel and Stan Lee reached consensus after the latter sued the company for failing to comply with the terms of the agreement, stating that it would pay 10% of the profits. His requests claimed profits from the first two Spider-Man and X-men films, for which he was allegedly paid $ 10 million. Furthermore, as president of Marvel, he is believed to have an annual salary of $ 1 million for his duties.

However, despite financial gains, personal problems with the family have given rise to new conflicts. In particular, in the months prior to the death of Stan Lee in 2018, court documents revealed that he was not only facing the legal challenges related to the misuse of his name and wealth, but also shared turbulent relationships with his daughter. In addition to these statements, it also emerged that J.C. he verbally abused Lee and also physically assaulted both of his parents in at least one occasion, after denying access to the rented car in the name of Lee.

This became even more complicated when Lee's public interaction was reduced to almost zero. Although he would have posted on social media, but later it emerged that it was not him, and his keeper disgraced Keya Morgan, who controlled things.

This situation, therefore, is in direct conflict with the statements made by J.C., who presumably is playing the game of guilt with studies or not sharing the weight of his evil actions with them. Yet, for the man who has given so many superheroes to this world and has caused generations to bow to his innovations, the saga of Stan Lee and his super humans is now suffering heavy strokes of disgust.

Furthermore, in the competition between studios that have access to some of the greatest heroes of life on the reels, one must keep in mind that the legacy of Stan Lee must never be compromised with respect to personal rivalries.

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