Does the government have to pay tax on the income of temples? ⋆ Dawat News

There is a rumor on social media that Madrasahs, Mosques, Churches and Gurus do not pay tax while temples do.

New Delhi, March 22:

In this atmosphere of hatred in the name of Hindu Muslim and temple mosque, people with negative and hateful mentality do not want to waste any opportunity and in one way or another they consider it their duty to spread incitement in the name of religion. Why not resort to lies and forgery? So these days in the country people with such a hate mentality are sharing a message about temples and mosques and spreading rumors among the people that the government is being financed by the income of the temples. Tax is paid to Madrassas, Mosques, Churches and Gurdwaras, while taxes are not paid. This is a complete lie and rumor contrary to reality. It should be known that all religious places, regardless of religion and creed, are eligible to pay tax to the Government of India. Only certain religious festivals such as religious programs, processions, etc. do not have to pay tax. When I asked the government, the government had already explained it, the finance ministry had told in 2017 that no tax is imposed on the basis of religion in India.

Further investigation revealed that under the CGST Act, all businesses and establishments are required to register under Goods and Services Tax (GST) and if they fall under the category, they have to pay tax to the government. There is no discrimination of any religion or creed. Let me tell you that GST is also applicable on all religious books, be it Quran, Guru Granth or Bible or Gita, GST is applicable on all of them. Is. However, the common man pays tax on every small item, be it a matchbox or a tabhi. Its prices are fixed only after adding GST.

This message is going viral on social media, in which the question has been raised that the temple income tax has to be paid, why not the mosque and the church? The temple board is under the control of the government, why not the mosque and the church? Obaid Muazzam has shared this message on his Twitter and termed it as a rumor and further he has also shared the receipt of tax payment by Mirzapur Qureshi Jamaat as proof. He has written that Mirzapur Moti. Usman H Qureshi, a member of Qureshi Jamaat (Trust), shared this photo and said that his religious institution has received GST registration number and they also pay tax as per the tax slab. He further wrote that this So avoid spreading and sharing such rumours, spread the atmosphere of peace and love without further religious discrimination.

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