Does the Mietendeckel also in Bremen?


NNot only the German capital plans a Mietendeckel law – to Berlin it could also come to Bremen. One must prevent people from living poorly in the cities, "said Björn Tschöpe, chairman of the SPD faction in the Bremen Parliament. "This includes thinking about measures such as renting a car. We will do that in Bremen too. "

Judith Lembke

Judith Lembke

Editor in the Business of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung.

The SPD is negotiating with the Greens and the Left about a red-red-green coalition. On Friday, the interim head of the federal SPD, Thorsten Schäfer-Gümbel, in an interview with the newspaper "Tagesspiegel" a rivet for all Germany brought into play. Also Finance Minister Olaf Scholz had in the F.A.Z. just expressed sympathy for this instrument.

In contrast to Bremen, a freeze of rents in Hamburg is again not up for debate. "A rental cover is not the right way for Hamburg," says the authority for urban development and housing. According to city development Senator Dorothee Stapelfeldt (SPD), the Hanseatic city is more interested in cooperating with the housing industry in order to promote new construction. In addition, they consistently use existing legal options to prevent their traditional tenants from being evicted from their quarters.

Criticism from many sides

The Munich SPD, however, supports a referendum that will force the Free State to a Bavarian Mietendeckel. The collection of necessary signatures will begin after the Oktoberfest.

In Berlin next Tuesday, a law is to be passed by the Senate, which prohibits landlords for five years to increase the rent. In addition, landlords should be made significantly more difficult to transfer the cost of modernizing an apartment to the tenant.

Not only the private owners have registered criticism of this law. The welfare-oriented landlords, the state-owned housing companies and the cooperatives also argue that they need moderate rent increases to maintain buildings and build new homes. Tenant protectors also criticized that a general rental cover disadvantaged socially minded landlords against the profit-oriented.

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