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The end of time changes: will the school start later in the future?

The end of time change comes in 2021: this is what the European Parliament wants. A permanent summer time could have consequences for students.

That's why the change of time doesn't make sense

so the change of time makes no sense

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Brussels. The end of the biennial time change arrives later than expected, but arrives: according to the plans of the European Parliament, the 2021 watches will be changed for the last time. Thus the parliament will decide on Tuesday.

A majority for the proposal, which presented the responsible transport committee, according to the information in our editorial is now considered safe. According to this plan, the entire EU in the spring of 2021 (March 28) would last the daylight savings time changed.

In the EU countries that want to introduce a permanent winter time instead of permanent daylight saving time – which correctly means "normal time" – the watches should be modified again in the autumn of 2021 (31 October). Subsequently, the six-monthly modification of the time would be inadmissible in all the states of the EU.

The change of end time should come in 2021

The Parliament cannot decide alone on the reform of the time, it must be of agreement with the Council of the EU of the member States. Although the ministers responsible for the EU have not yet made a decision, but have already targeted the year 2021 on the occasion of the first deliberations, they have already recommended an adequately modified bill.

However, the states of the EU are still struggling to decide whether to apply the winter or summer time. The European Commission is now introducing an unusual idea in the discussion as a decision-making aid, according to which in the countries of the EU where daylight saving time will soon be permanent, school lessons could start later.

Off for time change: the EU Transport Committee votes for 2021

"Adapting the start and end of school activities to changes in available natural light" is a way of addressing road safety risks, according to a letter from the EU Transport Commissioner Violeta Bulc, which is available for our editors.

The morning darkness is a danger on the way to school

Background: If daylight saving time is permanent, then it will be a brighter time in winter than before: in Berlin, the sun will rise on January 1st at 9.17 am, in Essen at 9.37 am. Critics warn that the morning darkness means danger to children going to school.

Bulc expressly comments on these security issues "on behalf of the Commission", bringing into the field the change of beginning of the school. This should not be decided by the EU, in any case the states of the EU would be responsible, in Germany, the federal states.

Schoolchildren may be allowed to sleep longer during the long summer

Bulc admits that pedestrians and cyclists are more vulnerable in the dark hours of morning and evening. There are various measures that could be taken to combat the risks. For students and teachers this could be good news: are they allowed to sleep longer during the summer?

At the same time, the commissioner responsible for transport refers to studies that indicate that the short-term half-year transition leads to an increased risk of accidents, as the sleep pattern changes; this too was an argument in favor of the Commission in its push.

Teachers Association: "completely absurd proposal"

A sharp criticism of a change in the beginning of the school came on Sunday from the German teachers' association: "This is a completely absurd proposal," the president of the Association Heinz-Peter Meidinger said to our editors . "It is not practicable in everyday life."

For working parents, a postponement would be difficult to organize, because the beginning of the school and the beginning of the work would no longer be adequate over time. "This will bring family logistics into chaos in the morning."

In addition, schools should switch to mandatory afternoon classes across the country to get the prescribed number of hours in a later school start. This means that there must also be a lunch break and a lunch. "Many schools are not employed at all."

On Sundays we don't make watches for the last time

The European Commission had proposed the end of the time change last September, saying that the watches could be changed for the last time next weekend. It does not matter because the Parliament and the Council of Member States did not react quickly enough.

The final European legislation will presumably be adopted only in the autumn, following the general EU elections. Especially the railways and airlines should have enough time to prepare.

Sunday time change, where watches are presented with a daylight saving time
So it won't be the last. But if, after the impetus of the Commission, the Parliament also calls for abolition, the end is predictable, even if some Member States are still under braking.

Time change – All important for daylight saving time from March 31st

Permanent summer time or permanent winter time?

The draft resolution, which is available to our editors, also argues that Member States should coordinate with each other if they want to introduce winter or summer permanently. To this end, Parliament will propose a coordinating body to represent the Member States and the Commission. According to this, states should register the time plan they are planning by April 2020.

Furthermore, there is a clause in which the Commission evaluates the national plans. The federal government does not yet have a final official position, but the Federal Minister responsible for the Economy Peter Altmaier (CDU) has repeatedly expressed himself for the permanent summer.



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