Does the vaccine lose effectiveness over time? These are the data

A study by the Navarrese Health Institute has detected, after analyzing more than 30,000 vaccinated people, that vaccines against COVID they lose great effectiveness regarding protection against contagion over time.

Specifically, the study indicates that the first month the vaccines against COVID protect 71% of the contagion, while the second and third month round between 64 and 63% of protection and the fourth drops to 59%.

However, these data, as indicated by the immunologist Alfredo Corell, would correspond to protection against contagion despite being vaccinated, no to protection against hospitalization or death.

In this sense, the professor has indicated that vaccine protection remains intact as for passing the disease more seriously or even dying.

To exemplify it, the expert has used a toy construction that you can see in the main video of this news: “For an unvaccinated person, passing it without knowing would be the blue, the green who would have symptoms such as a cold, the yellow who would have more symptoms but could experience it at home and the red who would require hospitalization “.

When compared with the construction that would represent the vaccinated population, the results are much more encouraging. “The possibility of having it asymptomatic would be reduced to 60%“, has indicated the expert, who has ensured that vaccines” continue to protect us from the possibility of going through it seriously. ”

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