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Hooray Borselli

22 maggio 2023

There is a photo of Canadian President Justin Trudeau sitting side by side with a certain Muhammadu Buhari, who is the president of Nigeria. The photo is somewhat reminiscent of the one published yesterday by almost all the newspapers with the handsome Trudeau sitting next to Giorgia Meloni, who, with an astonished air, listens to the reproach that comes from the Canadian for the attitude of the Italian government towards gays .

But Buhari, in the photo, doesn’t have an astonished face, he seems cheerful. He probably he’s not getting any reprimands but just talking about business and subsidies. Let’s say about money. Strange, isn’t it? Is it possible that a statesman like Trudeau, so attentive to gay rights, does not know how gays are treated in Nigeria? I’ll tell you: at best they are imprisoned, because being gay and behaving like a gay and expressing one’s homosexuality is a crime there. Which offends, it seems, the Muslim religion. If the offender’s behavior was particularly serious, then he is hanged. And Trudeau has nothing to say? And why did he take it out on Italy instead? To the Canadian statesman-man of solid dynasty, why between him and his father, more or less, except for brief intervals, governed the country from the 70s to today, does it appear that being gay is a crime in Italy? It turns out that any gays have ever been jailed for homosexuality? Is there a death penalty? Does it appear that gays are forbidden to teach, or to exercise any profession, or the right to walk around the street embracing, or to kiss, or to dress as they decide?

This doesn’t appear to me. I don’t know a single gay right that is not respected by Italian law. What’s the problem? The Zan Law? But that law didn’t increase any gay rights, it merely violated the right to freedom of opinion. It was rejected because it was considered a law by the Ethical State. Does Trudeau love ethical states? Is the problem for the Canadian president that the Italian government considers the commodification of the uterus and the sale of children through catalogs an abomination, unlike him who considers it a civil right? Now Trudeau, after all, can do and say what he wants. And Meloni answered him in kind and put him in his place. If anything, the greed with which a part of the Italian press has thrown itself upon the news is astonishing. With the sole purpose of attacking the Prime Minister, to mock her, to tarnish her. The anti-nationalist fury of certain newspapers is tremendous. Is it possible that they don’t feel offended by the nonsense of a Canadian boy? Is it possible that they should take advantage of it to blame a Premier who, after a long time, has brought Italy back to places of honor in international forums? It’s a crude way of doing journalism and opposition. You can oppose the government all you want, if you have different ideas. But when you see that foreigners are unjustly offending your nation, obviously in a partisan and exploitative way, you should jump on your seat regardless of your political ideas. And defend Italy. I wonder: why do governments like France and Canada attack Giorgia Meloni head on? Simple: because the Italian route is starting to scare. A serious, stubborn, intelligent right, led by a woman with an iron temper, who holds her country’s flag high and keeps the point on the economy, on war, on rights, which seats the left in parliament, a right so it frightens many chancelleries.



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