Dog bounty hunter called in police complaint asserting assault on teenager – TMZ


Chase the bounty hunter

Teen Claims Assault

… Dog denies, he says he is the victim

12/6/2018 2:27 PM PST

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Chase the bounty hunter presumably pushed a teenager to the airport – at least that's what the boy's father says – but the part of Dog denies the assault and says the boy was verbally offensive.

A police report was filed in Denver … by his father who claims that he and his family have stumbled upon Dog and Beth Chapman at the Denver airport last Friday. He says his seventeen-year-old son approaches Dog and asks for a picture. He claims that Dog got angry and put a clenched fist in the child's chest and rejected him.

The father got angry and had a verbal altercation with Dog. Eventually Beth calmed things, and she and Dog got into an elevator.

A source close to Dog says that when the teenager approached Dog, he said, "I have a size on my head, what will you do about Motherf *** er?" The dog has admitted that he told the boy to come back and did not want to face him … because his wife is sick.

We were told that the response of the teenager was: "Of that fat woman to get out of her chair, I will cut her in half". Beth was in a wheelchair right now.

Dog and Beth had just flown to Denver by L.A. … where he had an urgent intervention last week for a throat block. Doctors discovered his cancer he had returned.

According to a source of the order forces, the police are investigating the incident as an alleged assault … but our dog's sources tell us that he intends to file a harassment report against the child and his father .


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