Dog mom greets her newly adopted puppy with a kiss

A dog mom had to say goodbye to her little one, so she greeted her puppy with a kiss before he was adopted (VIDEO)

Dog mom greets her puppy with a kiss before it is adopted (Screenshot Video)

a video which has gone viral on social networks shows a difficult and heartbreaking moment that many four-legged people find themselves experiencing.
A stray dog ​​had to say goodbye to her puppy, to a part of herself, to allow the little one to have an easier life than she had.

Despite the consolation that the little one will have someone to take care of him, a roof over his head and everything he will need, parting with your child is never easy to accept, especially if you are aware that you will probably never see him again. .

Aware of all this and of the fact that for the puppy it would have been the best solution, the dog accepted the difficult moment of separation with courage and sadness in her heart.

Like this the dog mom greeted her puppy by giving him one last kiss before the girl who adopted him took him forever with her.

Dog mom greets her puppy with a kiss before he is adopted

little dog last kiss adopted puppy
Dog mom greets her puppy with a kiss before it is adopted (Screenshot Video)

This moving story comes from the province of Henan, in China. As we anticipated, the dog is a stray who lives near theZhengzhou University. The pet is well known to many students of the faculty who, over the years, have tried in every way to help him, both by providing food and by finding a home for his little ones.

Unfortunately, in fact, it was not the first time that the dog separated from her puppy.
The dog had previously given birth to one litter of four babies and later another from otto.
The seven pups of the last litter had already all been adopted and with his mother there was only the puppy from the video, the twelfth of his little dogs.

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But it was time for him too to take his own path.
A girl had come forward to adopt the four-legged and that day it is went with the scooter to the Zhengzhou University to pick up and take the puppy with her.
That would have been the last time the dog would see her baby.

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This sweet protective mom had to relive this sad moment 12 times, and each time the pain was getting bigger and bigger.

Although the Fido seems to understand that the little one from now on will have a simpler life than that of a stray dog, she still doesn’t want to part with him. Her sad eyes scream her pain and her gaze asks for a moment with her baby again.

Like this the four-legged one begins to follow the girl who was returning to the scooter, taking the little one with her. When the young woman turns and sees the dog’s pleading face, she decides to hand the puppy towards her to allow her to say goodbye.

Dog mom starts sniffing the puppy, then gives him one last kiss to say goodbye before finally separating from him. A moment full of love and a lot of suffering at the same time.

The scene is so touching that the puppy’s new owner tries to reassure her sweet mother, promising her: “Don’t worry, I’ll treat him well.”

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Despite not wanting to part with him, after greeting him with a kiss, mom dog walks away with a broken heart but with the certainty that her baby is in good hands.

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