‘Dog Poop Mother’ Lee Sang-mi reveals to Lee Gye-in, “We slept a lot in Yangpyeong”

tvN STORY ‘Chairman’s People’ broadcast screen capture

Actress Lee Sang-mi surprised everyone by saying, “Do you remember we slept a lot in Yangpyeong?” to actress Lee Gye-in.

In the tvN STORY ‘Chairman’s People’, which aired on the 28th, Kim Yong-gun, Kim Soo-mi, and Lee Gye-in reminisced about the past with a chicken stew party with Lee Chang-hwan, Shin Myeong-cheol, and Lee Sang-mi as guests.

On this day, Shin Myeong-cheol and Lee Chang-hwan, who appeared as the head of the village and the dog poop father respectively, appeared in the rural diary.

tvN STORY ‘Chairman’s People’ broadcast screen capture

The ‘All Family’, who had not been around for a long time, were very happy with their welcome appearance and showed a full of emotion.

Lee Gye-in, who became the youngest at the age of 71, was busy helping Kim Soo-mi with bare feet to prepare their meals. At this time, another guest came.

It was Lee Sang-mi, a ‘dog poop mother’ who worked together with Lee Chang-hwan at the time in ‘The Countryside Diary’ as a married couple.

tvN STORY ‘Chairman’s People’ broadcast screen capture

Lee Kye-in expressed great pleasure at Lee Sang-mi’s appearance, but on the other hand, he left a selfish remark (?) and laughed, expecting “Lee-suk didn’t come.”

In particular, on this day, Lee Sang-mi mentioned a special relationship with Lee Gye-in.

He drew attention by saying, “Coming to Yangpyeong, I thought a lot of people from the outside world. Didn’t we sleep here a lot when we were filming in Yangpyeong?”

tvN STORY ‘Chairman’s People’ broadcast screen capture
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Hearing this, Kim Yong-gun got angry, saying, “(The two of you) slept? Why are you like that? Did I teach you that? Say it clearly.”

At this, Lee Gye-in, speechless, raised his voice, saying, “Am I the only one who slept in Yangpyeong? Didn’t everyone sleep?”

tvN STORY ‘Chairman’s People’ broadcast screen capture

Lee Sang-mi added to this, “I slept a lot, but I have a lot of memories at night. I’ll talk about everything today,” embarrassing Lee Gye-in.

Then, Kim Yong-gun asked for an explanation, saying, “I have a lot of memories at night? Did you sleep a lot? What do you mean?”

tvN STORY ‘Chairman’s People’ broadcast screen capture

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