Dogs and cats are already being tested for covid in Seoul. In case of infection, a clear regulation applies

According to the town hall statement, only animals that show symptoms such as fever or difficulty breathing will be tested. Their previous contact with the human virus carrier will also play a crucial role in their testing.

If the test is positive, the animal will need to be quarantined. At the same time, the town hall reassured pet owners that it did not plan to transport their animals to specialized isolation facilities.

“There is no evidence that covid can spread between humans and animals,” Joo-mi Park, a disease control officer, told Jonhap.

According to her, their transport is only possible in a situation where the owners will be hospitalized themselves or will be too old to take care of the infected animal. However, the placement of people infected with covid in quarantine facilities unless they need to be hospitalized is common in South Korea.

Distance two meters from pets

“I remind owners to preventively walk around other animals with their pets at a minimum distance of two meters,” added Parková.

Researchers have previously stated that it is very unlikely that a dog or cat will transmit the coronavirus to its owners. However, according to the BBC, cat-to-cat transmission has already been reported. Although several positive tests have been reported worldwide in domestic animals, these are still exceptional cases.

In January, for example, a covid appeared on two gorillas at a zoo in San Diego, USA. They caught him from their caregiver and it was the first transmission of the infection to apes. Other wild animals kept at the zoo have already been infected: several lions and tigers in the New York Bronx, or lions in Barcelona, ​​Spain.


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