DokeV Game News: Pokemon Violet Scarlet and Genshin Impact Competitor Not Ready for Launch!

Remember. Three years ago, Pearl Abyss announced DokeV, an MMO that was a cross between Pokémon and Genshin Impact, whose rendering, approach, and mechanics raised the eyebrows of many gamers. Today we have news!

DokeV, the ambitious Pokémon-like from South Korea

DokeV: Pokémon Scarlet Violet and Genshin Impact competitor is not ready for launch!

Originally intended to be a mobile MMO, DokeV eventually became a hybrid action-adventure game for PC and consoles thanks to Pearl Abyss’ internal engine. In the game world, players will be able to capture Dokkaebi, dream creatures and able to fight in real time. They will also be able to roam the vast world using a variety of accessories and vehicles, complete missions, engage in side activities, and much more. wrapped in a nice technical promise.

The only thing is that, in the DokeV universe, a malevolent company captures these creatures to exploit them and make their programs more efficient. Developed in parallel with Crimson Deserttitle no release date yetalthough some sources mention a vague “end of 2023”. It must be said that, despite the trailers, we had only seen “10%” of what the title is made of, and therefore that ambitions are huge.

Crimson Desert takes priority, DokeV is delayed

DokeV: The Pokémon Scarlet Violet and Genshin Impact competitor isn't coming out anytime soon!

Unfortunately, DokeV, three years after its announcement, wasn’t that close to getting a release date. Another game, also developed by Pearl Abyss, occupies all the thoughts of the study The Crimson Desert. The open-world action-adventure game is so essential that it has led those responsible to move a large number of DokeV developers into the titleeffectively delaying its release. According to Heo Jin-young, CEO of Pearl Abyss, the development of the Pokémon/Genshin Impact-like series no problemcrimson desert is everything it just became a priority :

DokeV and Crimson Desert are being developed according to our internal development roadmap. However, as our core development team has been deep into Crimson Desert development this year, we will do our best to ensure additional information on DokeV is released as it becomes available.

Therefore, DokeV has fallen slightly behind its original development schedule, which worries players who have been waiting for the title, and who had already been from the information published in January. In fact, several Korean media outlets had indicated at the time that Pearl Abyss was considering integrating the notion of metaverse as well as that of NFT in DokeV, to turn it into a “play to win” (play to win). Time will tell if this idea has come to fruition or not. The game team, which includes Sangyoung Kim, lead producer, and Changkee Nam, lead game designer, The release date will be communicated when it has been set..

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