Dollar rate also hit the giant company! Famous chocolate company stopped production

The interest rate statement made by President Erdogan after the cabinet meeting hit the dollar rate. The dollar experienced ‘Black Tuesday’ on November 23. While the irrepressible luxury of the exchange rate turned into a rain of price hikes, bad news came from the famous chocolate brand Pelit during the hours when the US Dollar broke a record.

Pelit, the chocolate company of the years, announced that it decided to stop production due to the dollar rate.

The well-established company of the years, Pelit Chocolate, stated in its statement that it stopped the sale due to the shortage of raw materials and fluctuations in foreign currency.

The statement included the following:

Dear business partners,

We had to temporarily close sales and shipments due to the difficulties experienced by the supplier companies in the supply of raw materials and the uncertainty of the fluctuation in the foreign currency. With the return of the market to normal, the situation will be evaluated again and you, our dear customers, will be informed.

Kind regards.

Sales Manager Metin Ayan

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