Dollar: the “solidarity” exceeded $ 87 in a wheel with private offer

The wholesale dollar advanced just 8 cents, half of what it had been adding on the last wheels. Thus, it climbed to $ 64.99, the price at which the Central Bank (BCRA) placed the chip for $ 50 million that it has in the MULC.

On retail screens, the bill rose 25 cents to $ 66.25 at Banco NaciĆ³n (BNA).

The blue dollar remained stuck at $ 84, while the MEP dollar and with liquidation showed slight progress.

The central bank average between banks added 12 cents and stood at $ 66.9. In this way, the price of “solidarity” dollar, with the 30% tax, climbs to $ 87.06.

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The volume operated in the cash segment was US $ 251,980 million, without registering operations in the MAE futures sector.

The first round of a week that will be short. for the Thursday and Friday holidays, he showed “specific sales orders from the private sector are in line with the range set by the monetary authority and supply authorized demand for foreign exchange,” explained Gustavo Quintana of PR Cambios.

Exporters of cereals and oilseeds entered US $ 11,681 million last Friday.

He economist Gustavo Ber He stated that “beyond the accelerated monetary issue, the gaps remain relatively calm, since the quarantine is generating a greater need for pesos in the economic agents.”

The Argentine peso was the only currency in the region that depreciated (-0.13%), while the Brazilian real recovered up to 2%.


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