Dollar today: how much the official is trading and its different exchange rates this Tuesday, April 21

The official dollar today quote this Tuesday, April 21 to $ 62.96 for the purchase and $ 67.96 for the sale in the banking entities. In this way, the day begins at the same price as the previous day closed.

Regarding the Dolar blue, the day begins at $ 96 for the purchase and $ 105 for the sale. So, mark a gap 43% against the official dollar. The value of the blue dollar comes from the averages of prices in the different exchange houses, since it does not have an official price.

On the other hand, the tourist dollar (also know as solidarity dollar) is trading at $ 88.35. This value is the one used when buying dollars for savings or for making transactions abroad and arises from the sum of 30% to the value of the official dollar of the day.

Another exchange rate is the wholesale dollar, which starts the day at $ 65.78 for purchase and $ 65.98 for sale.

In relation to Counted with liqui (CCL), the reference price is $ 105.27. The CCL is the operation that allows companies to buy Argentine papers in the local market and sell them abroad in order to turn money for “hoarding”.

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