Dominic Thiem talks about Federer and Nadal absence at US Open 2020

It’s never nice to go round after your opponent retires, but Dominic Thiem can congratulate himself on having had to face two very tough sets against Jaume Munar in this first round of the US Open 2020. The Austrian needs a competitive pace as he seems far from the level of play that he showed months ago in Melbourne. A firm candidate for the public, the course of the tournament should lead him to regain confidence in his game and deploy his entire arsenal of blows. At a press conference he reflected on various issues, among which what he said about the absences of Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal had a special impact.

– Sensations during the game: “I’m happy with the way I was fighting, I had a good attitude at all times and the truth is that it was not easy to beat Jaume today,” said the Austrian. “I didn’t feel completely comfortable because it was windy and the tracks are very different this year compared to last. The Louis Armstrong is also quite a bit slower than the outdoor ones I had trained in, but I feel like I played a good game. He liked how I played the tiebreak and it was a shame that he had to retire, “he said.

– Expectations regarding Sumit Nagal, your next stumbling block: The Indian player does not have a great name on the circuit, but he has shown on more than one occasion that he can win games at this level. Thiem was asked about him and went back a year to remember the figure of Sumit. “I watched his game against Roger here last year and I remember he had a really good forehand. I’m going to analyze his game a little more, I’m sure it won’t be easy, but I feel like it’s up to me. I’ll need to be 100%,” declared.

– Absences of Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal: “Obviously, it is never pleasant that two tennis players of their level are not competing here. I also love watching their matches and I enjoy watching them compete, but I think it should not be news. We have to get used to this because in the short term future it will be usual that they are not in Grand Slams. I do not think it is a problem for tennis, we are many great players who are here “, said a Dominic Thiem who wants to end this US Open 2020 to the empire of the Big 3.


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