Dominika Gwit in a new version. Fans noticed the difference and are delighted with its appearance. “We’ve made our little one”

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Dominika Gwit in many interviews she emphasized that she perceives negative comments about her weight and appearance with a grain of salt. She used to have a problem with self-acceptance, but over the years she has gained a great distance in this matter. Today, she enjoys every moment and sends her fans positive energy. Joy also beats her latest post on Instagram. The actress announced that the next day she was going on tour with a performance, but before that she would spend a pleasant evening in the company of her beloved.

For a date with her husband, she chose an elegant red one dress with a neckline and long sleeves. A characteristic element of the styling were satin polka dots visible on the smooth fabric. Internet users, however, paid more attention to the silhouette of the celebrity. Compliments poured out.

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Dominika Gwit in a red dress. “You lost weight beautifully”

Dominika Gwit she admitted that she has been less active in social media recently. All because of responsibilities and the associated lack of time. However, she found a moment to go with her partner to the theater.

Tomorrow I am going on tour with performances for four days! I am very happy because, as you already know, I love my job. However, out of love for the theater, today my husband and I are going to the audience alone to spend an evening with culture.

By the way, she presented herself in an evening outfit, which made a positive impression on Instagram users.

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There were a lot of words of admiration in the comments. Fans noticed that the actress looks slimmer than before.

You made us little. Hope you don’t get it wrong, but you look amazing after you lost a few pounds. And please do not accuse me of lack of tact (I am writing here about ladies who will start to attack), because I believe that it is a compliment. I would like to get one.

These trips must be very tiring, because you obviously thinned out.

I guess you are a little less than that. If you are going to this, I keep my fingers crossed, and if not, I keep my fingers crossed as well.

It seems to me that you have lost weight beautifully – we read under the star’s post.

Did you also notice this difference? More important than the appearance, however, is that Dominika Gwit’s well-being should always be as good as possible.

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