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Dominika Gwit-Dunaszewska will soon become a mother for the first time. The 34-year-old actress praised the fans with a new photo with a pregnancy belly, and they were amazed. “I’m shocked that you are getting thinner” – writes one of the observers.

In August Dominika Gwit-Dunaszewska and her husband Wojciech Dunaszewski announced that they are expecting their first child. For spouses who celebrated their fourth wedding anniversary this year, it is a great joy and a real dream come true. Their path to being parents was not easy. The 34-year-old actress admitted that the efforts had been going on for many years.

God heard our prayers. We will have a baby. Our joy knows no bounds. We’ve been waiting for this for many years .. In a few months, the three of us will be – she wrote on the web last month.

Dominika Gwit-Dunaszewska gladly shares her joy with her fans. Star reports on the course of pregnancy on a regular basis in social media. Recently revealed the gender of her first child. Soon she will be a boy’s mom.

The star of the movie “Galerianki” is beaming recently. Dominika admits that even before pregnancy, she managed to lose some weightand now that she is expecting a baby – does not stop losing kilos. The latest photo of Dominika Gwit-Dunaszewska is available on the web She surprised the fans with her silhouette again. Dressed in a top that emphasizes the figure, the actress presented pregnancy curves and caused quite a stir.

Dominisia, you look wonderful! I am shocked that you are getting thinner One of the observers noticed.

Looks cracking. Happy birthday, lots of health to you

Congratulations! You look wonderful

Cheers! You radiate. You look beautiful

You look beautiful! The lady is blessed – follow her other commentators.

What does the actress say? During one of the reports on Instagram, the future mother assured me that does not follow any slimming diet. As she explained, losing weight in pregnancy is something that often happens to women who suffer from metabolic diseases.

You write to me: “Domi, you are radiant, you have lost weight. How did you lose weight? ” In fact, I lost a little weight, in general – before pregnancy. And now (…) it turns out that the baby is growing and I am losing weight. Often this happens in patients with metabolic syndrome, and in obese women in general. I hope that somehow I will not gain a lot in this pregnancy. (…) I try to eat a lot more vegetables, a lot of dairy products, which is everything a baby needs to develop – explains.

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