Don Juan Carlos, rehabilitated only in private at the party for Leonor’s swearing in of the Constitution

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King Juan Carlos’s phone went into airplane mode a few days ago. The father of Felipe VI, aware of the little favor that controversies over the family’s private life do to the image of the Crown, accepted the desire to seek family peace and, after listening to his son’s arguments in a telephone conversation , obeyed the request to try to make the noise will not tarnish the celebration of the coming of age of the Princess of Asturias. For this reason, Don Juan Carlos avoided responding to the messages that some journalists sent him in the days before the event, and submitted to the request to comply with the idea of ​​a private party to honor the Princess of Asturias.

The meeting was conceived so privately that late in the afternoon it was ruled out that Zarzuela would distribute that same day. an image in which the Princess of Asturias could be seen with her paternal grandfather, who became the white elephant of all the events. The King Father arrived in Spain on a private flight and crossed the threshold of the Pardo Palace fence five minutes before eight in the afternoon. In the back seat was Queen Doña Sofía, whom he picked up in Zarzuela. There, he was reunited with almost his entire family. He had not met with the Kings and Infanta Sofía since May 23, 2022, when they had lunch in Zarzuela after maintaining “ample conversation time” with Philip VI. It had been a long time since she had seen the Princess of Asturias, at least since July 2020, a month before she decided to leave Spain for Abu Dhabi.

In any case, more than the Princess’s party, the meeting in El Pardo seemed like a day of reunions for Don Juan Carlos. They covered him Infantas Elenawith his son Felipe of Marichalar, and Cristinaaccompanied by Miguel and Irene. Misson Victoria Federica y Pablo y Juan Urdangarin, since the delay in receiving the invitations prevented some from organizing their agendas to attend.

The Infanta was not missing MargaritaDon Juan Carlos’s only surviving sister, accompanied by her husband and daughter, Maria Zurita. Also Beltran Gomez Acebo, along with Andrea Pascual and the two children he had with Laura Ponte. He was seen entering several princes of Panagyurishte, Kubrat y Carla, with his two sons; to Kalina y Kitten from Bulgaria with his son. Konstantin, godfather of Infanta Sofía, was also invited. AND Mirian Ungria, widow of Kardam of Bulgaria and now a Jordanian princess, came with her two children. Felipe VI’s maternal cousins, children of Constantine and Ana María de los Helenos, were all invited. The princess was seen entering Alexia con Carlos Morales. He was also Pedro de Borbón Two Sicilies con Sofia Landaluce and his sister Victoria next to Pedro López Quesada. They, children of the Infante Don Carlos, have a fraternal relationship with Felipe VI.

The Kings of Spain arrived at the Palace in a car driven by Felipe VI. Doña Letizia, despite it being a private event, took out of the jewelry box the chaton earrings and the twin Cartier bracelets that Queen Victoria Eugenie he left as an inheritance to the Queens of Spain and which are some of the most valuable assets of the House. Someday, those jewels will dress Leonor.

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