Doña Margarita lived with the beekeeper, who killed her grandmother and put her parents to death

A friend of her mother saves them from hunger and misery

At the age of 18, he managed a homestead and became the economic director of the family newspaper

The wife of King Simeon II – Margarita Gomez Acebo, who turned 88 on January 6, had a dramatic childhood. When she was only one year old, her parents were killed in the Spanish Civil War. Then they lived in a summer house in the village. Her maternal grandmother had beehives and an acquaintance of hers used to come to them to collect honey.

At the outbreak of the fratricidal war, however, this man came, killed the grandmother, and handed her mother and father over to the Republicans. They were thrown into prison and not long after they were killed there. The family was helped by a German governess until that moment, who was forced to leave.

She and her brother Jose-Luis, who was 5 years old, were left all alone. They had no close relatives in the area. So the beekeeper went back for the children and took them. Thus, the two were forced to live in his home together with his eight children. From this tragic page of her life, the queen also remembered the famine, because then even bread was scarce.

What a close friend of her mother named Carmen Doneo did after she managed to find them, read – HERE!

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