40 days before the presidential elections in the US, the polls do not help to elucidate who can conquer the important Florida and the campaigns of President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden multiply their actions to capture votes and leave the opposite bad.

The migrants of Cuban and Puerto Rican origin In recent days they have been in the crosshairs of both campaigns, not forgetting Venezuelans, Colombians and Hispanics in general, who according to a survey today by St. Pete Polls prefer Biden by 14 percentage points.

Tom Pérez, president of the Democratic National Committee (DNC), which has maintained a presence in Florida these days, is clear that Any group can make a “difference” in Florida and give Biden or Trump the 29 electoral votes of the “Sunshine State” and, with it, possibly the national victory on November 3.

“Trump cannot win if he does not win Florida,” said Congressman of Puerto Rican origin Darren Soto.

Both parties are playing all their cards in Florida, where it has its official residence from Trump, who took this state from Democrat Hillary Clinton by about 100,000 votes in 2016.


A few votes can make a difference, because according to the St. Pete Polls poll, Biden leads Trump by 3 percentage points in Florida, but another poll by The Washington Post and ABC indicates that Trump leads him by 4 in this state.

For Casey Klofstad, professor of Political Science at the University of Miami (UM), “the polls are” reliable, but not infallible “, remembering that in 2016 they gave Clinton the winner.

Biden is the favorite of the so-called “Latino vote”, but in Florida the scene is special due to the large presence of Cuban-American voters, akin to the Republicans

In an analysis published by UM, the expert detailed among the possible explanations that many could have given Clinton as the winner and did not go out to vote and the existence of timid Trumpists who hid their preference in the polls. He specified that for now, national polls show that Biden surpasses the president with an approval rating of 50% compared to 43% for Trump, but “there is always uncertainty, it is not a crystal ball.”

Efforts continue

On the republican side They seek to pigeonhole Biden as a “socialist” and win the support of Cubans, Venezuelans and Nicaraguans, fearful of repeating the nightmares of their countries. The Democratic campaign, on the other hand, is committed to emphasizing Trump’s “failures” in handling the COVID-19 pandemic that has already exceeded 200,000 deaths in the United States and the treatment of Puerto Ricans as “second-class citizens” after the devastation by the Hurricane Maria on its third anniversary.

Added to this race for the Florida vote this week was the possibility that a Cuban judge from Miami, Barbara Lagoa, will fill the vacancy left in the Supreme Court after the death last Friday of Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

If Barbara Lagoa is nominated, she could motivate voters of Cuban origin
If Barbara Lagoa is nominated, she could motivate voters of Cuban origin

The Republican is scheduled to meet with “Latinos for Trump” in Miami on Friday, and on Thursday he will address his followers in Jacksonville, North Florida.

To try to make up lost ground in this state, Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg not only promised a $ 100 million injection to boost Biden in Florida but is supporting the registration of former non-violent crime inmates. Bloomberg has raised more than $ 16 million so that former Florida prisoners who regained the right to vote can pay pending court fines in order to register.

The former mayor hopes that at least 32,000 of these ex-convicts, mostly African American, who identify more with Democrats, but also Latinos, will be able to vote again thanks to this donation.

(With information from EFE)


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