World Donald Trump apparently planned to sell island nation of...

Donald Trump apparently planned to sell island nation of Puerto Rico

U.S. President

Ex-Minister: Trump wanted to sell the island nation of Puerto Rico

A former minister revealed: US President Donald Trump is said to have proposed selling Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria.

Trump wears mouth-nose protection in public for the first time

US President Donald Trump has shown himself in public with a face mask for the first time since the beginning of the corona pandemic. At an appointment at the Walter Reed Military Hospital near Washington, Trump wore dark mouth-to-nose protection with the President’s seal. The number of new corona infections in the USA has meanwhile reached a new high.

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Washington, D.C.. A few months before the US election, the criticism President Donald Trump louder and louder. The “New York Times” now spoke to former Homeland Security Minister Elaine C. Duke, who disclosed details from the early days of Trump’s presidency and revealed his understanding of crisis management using the island state of Puerto Rico as an example.

So Trump is said to have thought Puerto Rico for sale when the island nation was in need of a hurricane.

Puerto Rico: Hurricane Maria cost thousands of lives

Of the Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico in the fall of 2017. It was the worst cyclone in 85 years, the electricity and water supply collapsed and almost 3,000 people lost their lives. According to the “New York Times” report, Trump should then be the first sale of the island state instead of looking for suitable help for the country in need.

“The President’s first ideas were more like those of a businessman,” explained the then Homeland Security Minister Elaine Duke. “Can we outsource the electricity? Can we sell the island? Or sell the asset? “ Read here:
Donald Trump apparently discredits corona experts Fauci.

Donald Trump insulted other politicians on Twitter

Even then, Trump was standing because of the slow and inadequate Crisis management his government in criticism. The president responded to the allegations by addressing the mayor of the capital San Juan insulted.

A year after catastrophe then he doubted the number of Fatality and praised his own crisis management. His government’s response to hurricane “Maria” was a “fantastic, unnoticed success” and “one of the best things ever done”.

Duke told the New York Times that the thought of selling Puerto Rico had not been followed up at the time. The minister also reported on Trump’s verbal battles Twitterthat he fought with local politicians like the mayor. “All the negative energy” was a “distraction,” Duke explained.

USA: Even Republicans criticize Donald Trump

The budget administrator of the White House at the time is also said to be in the Crisis situation behaved problematically. Duke had advised before the hurricane arrived state of emergency to call out. Then Mick Mulvaney explained to her: “Don’t be so emotional, Elaine, it’s not about people, it’s about money.” Mulvaney denies this, however.

As a lifelong Republikanerinsaid Duke, she fundamentally supports a stricter enforcement of immigration laws as long as this is alleviated by a “feeling of humanity”. However, the US government is driven by ideologies and dominated by a president who speaks a “hateful, angry, and divisive” language. This can also be seen in statements such as “Haiti is a dump” that Trump is said to have made in the Oval Office in 2018.

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US election: Puerto Ricans are not allowed to participate

Most recently, Puerto Rico faced bankruptcy several times and was looking for help Washington reliant. The island nation is an outlying area of ​​the United States in the Atlantic. It belongs since Spanish-American War to the United States, but is neither a separate US state nor does it belong to another state.

Puerto Rican people have US citizenship, but not all the rights that the US Constitution grants to other US citizens. For example, they may not take part in the presidential election.


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