Donald Trump comments on British Ambassador Kim Darroch


US President Donald Trump commented on the news leaked by British Ambassador Kim Darroch. He said "he has not served the UK well," Trump told reporters, according to the AP news agency.

According to a press release, the British ambassador to the United States described the US government as "incompetent" and "singularly dysfunctional" in internal communications.

As the British newspaper Daily Mail wrote in its Sunday issueAmbassador Kim Darroch stated in a secret briefing to the State Department in London that the Trump presidency will "crash" and "end shamefully". According to the newspaper, the dispatches were probably stabbed by a member of the British bureaucracy.

Kim Darroch, British ambassador to Washington

Victor J. Blue / Bloomberg / Getty Images

Kim Darroch, British ambassador to Washington

"We do not expect this government to become more normal, less dysfunctional, less unpredictable, less split, less diplomatically clumsy," Darroch wrote in a dispatch. The British Foreign Office did not question the authenticity of the approvals.

"Iran should take more care"

In addition, Trump also said that the Iranian government has announced plans to increase uranium production – and thus violate the nuclear agreement. "Iran should be more careful," said Donald Trump.

The 2015 agreement provides for a maximum limit of 3.67% on the enrichment of uranium. After the unilateral closure of the United States' agreement last year, the future of the treaty is uncertain. Germany and the EU insist on its observance. Earlier this week, Iran had already exceeded the allowable amount of 300 kilograms of low-enriched uranium.


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