Donald Trump did not change the menu for his receptions with the players


UNITED STATES – It is a question of whether it acts to please others … or itself. Donald Trump has received footballers from the North Dakota State University, recent championship champions (NCAA), offering them fast food to eat on Monday, March 4 at the White House. This is the second time in the year that he has received college athletes with hamburgers and fries.

"We could have had chefs," Donald Trump told the players and team staff gathered in one of the White House rooms, opposite the burgers, fries and fried chicken. row. Fast food restaurants popular in the United States but not known for the good quality of their products.

"But you guys, I know you well," added Donald Trump. "Servants, we can eat here".

"President Trump's message to those who have been hit by tornadoes in the Gulf States:" We cry with you and assure you of our constant support to help you rebuild the bottom of this horrible tragedy "

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The White House doctor asked Trump to pay more attention

In January, the Clemson Tigers football team was welcomed with pizzas and hamburgers by the 45th President of the United States.

The septuagenarian, 1m90 per 110 pounds, is known for his love for fast food despite the recommendations of the White House doctor, who asked him to pay more attention to his diet. Donald Trump has earned two pounds this year, raising his body mass index to 30, the beginning of the obesity category.

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