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Donald Trump and Robert Mueller makes an infinite distinction, but one thing is crucial these days: while the president of the United States asserts everything and chats, the special investigator breaks his disciplined silence just to let the facts speak. At the moment everyone is waiting for the big bang, because the evidence is increasing the fact that Mueller's work is as good as done. The situation is really explosive, but instead of a large explosive device, there could be many children whose effects are unpredictable.

Mueller and his team are investigating whether Trump and his people are involved Russia interfere with the elections in 2016, and if the President has obstructed the judiciary with the dismissal of the former FBI chief James Comey and other interventions – such as the de facto dismissal of Justice Secretary Jeff Sessions or even some Declarations on the proceedings in progress. Regarding the state of the investigation, which strands are being prosecuted or who is suspected, the public never learns directly: no press conference, no substantial leak of news from the staff of Mueller – only for the judicial documents the individual accusations become concrete . Or a parallel search for journalists suggests connections.

The big bang at the end, when Mueller writes his final report, may never come. At least if that means: Trump falls on it. The explosive power of what can be blamed directly on the president can not be assessed for lack of understanding of the investigations – even if many trials can place him at the center of a conspiracy against American democracy, assuming the courage to speculate. How far are the insights, who will see them, what is legal or political in this regard: all uncertain, especially since the Department of Justice, with Matthew Whitaker, has hired a man responsible for the extended arm of Trump.

Briefly explained: how threatening are Russia's investigations for Donald Trump?
Influential Russian elections, secret affairs, judicial perturbations: Robert Mueller's investigations are approaching the White House. The status of the investigations, briefly explained in the video

Meeting with Julian Assange?

But little bangers are not just funny fireworks. Mueller's investigations have already led to dozens of accusations, including numerous Russian citizens and intelligence officials who wanted to manipulate voter states with their Internet activities or have been involved in the matter. hacking during the election campaign – according to which WikiLeaks E-mails have been published that could damage Trump's opponent Hillary Clinton.

But it also includes allegations against various men who were part of the Trump campaign team, some later members of the government or were part of his personal environment. The charges against them are sometimes at the center of the real attention of the investigation, for example in the case of the former campaign manager Paul Manafort, who is primarily responsible for previous financial crimes. The decisive factor is that everyone can further Mueller when it comes to directly involving Trump.

Some have entered into agreements to exchange their cooperation for favorable treatment. Therefore, all observers are so enthusiastic about the "little bangers" that are in the court documents and go beyond the details of each case. They hide for every suggestion: how much does Mueller know, what can Trump accuse? At the moment, attention is focused on the possible collusion linked to the release of WikiLeaks and Trump's business in Russia. It is said that the director of the Manafort campaign is after the search for the Guardians several times with the founder of WikiLeaks Julian Assange I met; Trump even more familiar are suspected, as he himself, of having known before the publication of the material.



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