Donald Trump fined $10,000 for violating gag order

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Donald Trump, Former US President Donald Trump received another fine this Wednesday, of 10,000 dollarsin the fraud trial that is being followed in New York after being called to the witness chair by the judge, who reprimanded him for once again violating a “gag order” that prohibits him from speaking about his secretary.

The judge, Arthur Engoron, imposed that order on Trump on October 2 after he published on his social networks a personal attack against his secretaryand last Friday he already received a fine of $5,000 because the message had remained visible on the Trump campaign website due to an alleged oversight.

During today’s session, in which Trump’s former lawyer, Michael Cohen Engoron, is testifying as a witness, the judge called the former president to a hearing, so that he spoke under oath, to ask him about some statements he had made in the hallways of the court.

“Did you say: This is a very partisan judge.“, with a very partisan person sitting next to him?”, the magistrate inquired, to which the former president answered yesYes, but he clarified that he was referring to Cohen sitting in that chair, something that did not seem to convince Engoron, despite his insistence, according to the ABC News channel, present in the room.

After a brief exchange, in which Trump He described the secretary as “very unfair”Engoron determined that this was referring to her again because there is “a barrier” between her seat and the witness chair occupied by Cohen, and also in that case, he would have called Cohen by his name.

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