Donald Trump in the UK and Europe during D-Day while Brexit swirls


The Trump family witnessed an abundant week of dinners in white tie, great ceremonies and a private audience with royalty and world leaders during their Europe tour that attracts attention.

The photos sketched on the front pages and shared on their Instagram accounts show the rich clan having dinner with the Queen and looking out of the balconies of Buckingham Palace with regal bearing.

But beneath the superficial charm of their wildly expensive journey lies a worrying reality of growing political unrest and concerns about what it represents.

The furious tweets of the president of the United States and the explicit statements in the interviews caused outrage even before he arrived, stating that "he didn't know (Meghan Markle) was bad" and labeled London mayor Sadiq Khan as a "stoneless loser".

The anger boiled as Donald Trump and his wife Melania began their week flying ostentatiously in Buckingham Palace in the official Marine One helicopter, while President Ivanka's daughter and son-in-law Jared Kushner watched from a window.

The two are senior advisers within the administration, but they were not the only family members who took part in the pump and the circumstances. Tiffany Trump, Trump's youngest, 25, was seen in London's high-end nightclub, Annabel, last week, while her children Donald Trump Jr and Eric joined the group for the week's events. Also present was Eric's wife, Lara, a presidential campaign adviser. The younger Trump, Barron, 13, was nowhere to be seen and reportedly would have stayed at home in Washington.

The magnificent scenes have also caused consternation in the United States, where many have observed that this seemed more like a family vacation, considering the commercial roles of the young Trumps.

Don Jr and Eric have taken over the management of the Trump organization, and their presence has revived the specter of conflict of interest that has long haunted the president.

Spouses Trump stayed in the residence of the US ambassador of Winfield House in Regent's Park, where they hosted the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall on Wednesday night.

Trump's children stayed at the exclusive $ 40,000 Corinthia hotel per night nearby – but it was unclear whether US taxpayers would pay the bill for luxury accommodations and the limousines they enjoyed while the cameras followed their every shift this week.

The world looked upon agog as American pageantry met regal splendor, with the elegant spectacle that seemed to lend credibility to an often caricatured president and family like the vulgar new rich.

Mr. Trump was welcomed into the palace gardens by Prince Charles, Camilla and the Queen, before a magnificent welcome ceremony, lunch and tea, a tour of Westminster and a sumptuous state dinner attended by the whole family, decorated with clothes of design.

Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn boycotted the banquet and his colleagues openly complained that the red carpet had been rolled out for the President's visit to the United Kingdom. But none of this upset Mr Trump, who met business leaders and outgoing UK Prime Minister Theresa May on Tuesday while thousands of people protested in the streets of central London. He easily wiped out the "very small" demonstrations, insisting that he was "a great love" for him in the UK while holding a joint press conference with his "exceptional" colleague.

His previous attacks on his failed Brexit agreement seemed to have been forgotten, with the President saying that the British Prime Minister had done "a good job" and that he should "fall behind" before his formal resignation on Friday. Trump also met the Nigel Farage of the Brexit party, weighed in the conservative competition and reiterated his view that the United Kingdom should refuse to pay the divorce tax of $ 70 billion and sue the EU.

At this time of unrest and political unrest in Europe, where extreme right-wing parties recorded a surge in recent elections, the President was a grenade thrown in the middle. The polarization reflects the climate in the United States, where impeachment demands grew stronger this week and House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, called her "a bad person, vindictive and horrible".

But the president has cheerfully sailed through all this, entering the Queen's orbit again Wednesday for the events commemorating the 75th anniversary of D-Day with Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. He then headed to Normandy for further solemn events and spoke with French President Emmanuel Macron.

Don Jr and Eric, meanwhile, checked in at the Trump International Golf Links & Hotel in Doonbeg, pouring pints for the villagers and shouting, "Doonbeg loves the Trumps?" An exciting answer.

Despite the chaos surrounding them, this was an extraordinarily successful endeavor for the first family.

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