Donald Trump is lined up with Kim Jong-un, calls Joe Biden a "low IQ individual"


A senior assistant to the Democratic presidential candidate, Joe Biden, described President Donald Trump's attacks on Mr. Biden in a foreign land as "below the dignity of the office".

On Monday in Japan, the Republican president said he agreed with the statement by North Korean leader Kim Jong-un that Mr. Biden "is an individual with low IQ".

In an interview with Trump, deputy campaign director Kate Bedingfield said:

"Being in a foreign land, on Memorial Day, and repeatedly taking sides with a murdering dictator against an American colleague and former vice president, speaks for itself."

Biden's campaign said he waited until Tuesday to respond in respect to the public holiday of America's Memorial Day, which honors those who died serving in the army.

Mr. Biden's decision to refrain from comment was widely praised on social media.

The son of the former vice president, Beau, died on May 30, 2015 at the age of 46 after serving in Iraq and Kosovo.

Beau, who was the attorney general for Delaware, died of brain cancer. Biden said he believed it was caused by exposure to carcinogens from burn pits, large fires used to dispose of toxic materials in war zones.

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Mrs. Bedingfield defined the comments of colleague Trump "part of a model that embraces the autocrats at the expense of our institutions".

During a press conference in Tokyo with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, Trump said: "Kim Jong-un released a statement that Joe Biden is a low QI individual. He probably is, based on his record."

Mr. Trump returned to Washington DC Tuesday (Wednesday, Australia time) after four days of fun and adulation in Tokyo.

The sumo fight, the golf walks and the red carpet give way to the same political and legal policy stew that Washington Trump never left behind during his four days in Japan, judging by his Twitter feed.

Mr. Trump returned home Tuesday in a feud with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, eager to belittle the promising Democrat 2020 Biden, tired of the democratic investigations in his administration and commercial relations and struggling with a daunting list of foreign policy challenges.

The last four days in the Japanese capital, by contrast, seemed tailor-made for Mr. Trump, who appreciates being at the center of attention. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe cleverly designed the visit as a series of history primates that placed Trump in the center and center.

Prime Minister Abe made it clear that Trump was the guest of honor – there was only one – in the long weekend parties.

News helicopters soared as Mr. Trump's procession snaked through the city and over the Mobara Country Club to film the leaders while they played golf. Chinese photographers gathered outside the hotel and on the corners of Mr Trump's streets to take pictures as the president passed by.

Mr. Abe planned the visit so that Trump would be the first head of state to meet the new Japanese emperor Naruhito.

At the imperial palace, Mr. Trump walked on red carpets during a lavish welcome ceremony. Later, he was the guest of honor for a six-course French meal at the palace.

Mr. Trump also became the first American president to participate in a major sumo wrestling tournament and – in another first – he gave the champion a trophy he created and brought with him called "President & # 39; s Cup".

He said he hoped the Japanese would continue to grant the Trump cup for hundreds of years. His reception in Washington, on the other hand, will be enlivened by the bitterness with which he and Congress left the capital last week.

On Friday, Representative Chip Roy of Texas blocked a long-awaited $ 19 billion disaster relief law, which also includes aid to storm-ravaged farms. Mr. Roy objected to the lack of funding from the border security law and prevented him from moving to the Assembly.

The Democrats said they could try again to pass the measure this week.

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