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NEW YORK (Online newspaper): Former president Donald Trump has smoked obscurely with the former Republican governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie.

– Trump was involved in firing

While the two were best friends in the past, when Christie was both an adviser to Trump and also helped Trump prepare for the debates ahead of last year’s presidential election, they now have a considerably cooler relationship with each other.

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Christie has, among other things, been a major critic of Trump, after the storming of Congress on January 6 this year.

– I think that everything he said from election night onwards helped to fire people to the mind they showed, Christie says in an interview with CNN.

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When asked by CNN if he thinks Trump was responsible for the uprising, Christie replies that he does not believe that one individual can be responsible for the actions of all the others, but he believes they attacked Congress because they thought the election was stolen.

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– I do not think they would have gone there if they thought the election had been fair, says Christie, who is now working on a new book, “Republican Rescue: Saving the Party From Truth Deniers, Conspiracy Theorists, and the Dangerous Policies of Joe Biden” .

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In hospital with the coronavirus

In connection with the book launch, Christie also talks about what it was like when he was hospitalized in October last year with the coronavirus. At the same time, President Trump was hospitalized, infected with the same virus.

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Christie says that there was a big difference in how he was treated by Melania Trump and Donald Trump in connection with the admission.

– Melania called me every day

– Melania called me every day when I was in the emergency room. She was the first to call early in the morning to check on me. Then she always called my wife to find out if she needed anything, says Christie in an interview with The View.

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– It was a great contrast between the couple, says Christie.

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– Are you going to say that you got it from me?

In the book, Christie writes that Trump, when he called, was most concerned about whether Christie would blame Trump for being infected with the coronavirus, writes Insider.

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– Are you going to say that you got it from me? Trump is said to have asked Christie when the president called, the book says.

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President Trump is also said to have asked Christie how he was doing, and at the same time said the following:

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– How can tough guys like us have gotten this?

– But he was most worried that I would not blame him for being infected, Christie says The View.

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– Who else gets the feeling that Melania can not stand her husband?

Does not rule out running in the presidential election

To CNN Christie also talks about his thoughts on whether Trump will run for president, and also comments on the speculation about whether he himself will run as a challenger to Trump.

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– I do not know if he will ask. And I also do not know if I myself will ask, says Christie.

– But I am definitely thinking about it, but I also know that the most important thing right now is to relate to 2022 first.

Christie, on the other hand, will not rule out that he poses.

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Trump fillerister Christie

Despite the fact that the former Republican governor criticizes Trump and says that the former president must acknowledge the election defeat in 2020, Christie claims that he is still a friend of Trump.

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But there is little to suggest that, if one is to believe a statement Trump made earlier in November.

Chris Christie, who just gave a speech at the Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC) in Las Vegas, was totally massacred after his statements that Republicans must get away from the past, specifically the election fraud in 2020. Everyone remembers that Chris left New Jersey with less than 9 percent who thought he did a good job, and they do not want to hear this from him, Trump writes in a statement.

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70 percent want Trump

Although neither Trump nor Christie have said that they will run as presidential candidates for the party, it is not inconceivable that they will both run and thus meet each other for battle.

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Christie has also stated that Trump is not necessarily the right man for the presidency.

But the way the polls are now, Christie is crushed by Trump, and in some polls that show which politicians Republicans prefer to have as presidential candidate, Christie does not even appear on the lists.

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According to a survey by Harvard CAPS / Harris in October, Trump receives support from 33 percent of Republican respondents. In a poll the same month from Morning Consult, as many as 70 percent of Republicans want Trump to run as a presidential candidate, writes Newsweek.

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