World Donald Trump says he has Nicolás Mad "surrounded" ...

Donald Trump says he has Nicolás Mad “surrounded” …

President Donald Trump once again threatened institutional stability in Venezuela and launched a veiled warning to his peer Nicolás Maduro. The American president assured that the United States has surrounded the Bolivarian government and predicted that something will happen against him. It also returned to support the self-proclaimed president Juan Guaidó
, for whom he asked for the support of the international community. The representative of Venezuela before the Security Council of the United Nations (UN) He demanded that both the US and Colombia stop their war plans.

Trump’s threats took place during a conversation with members of the Hispanic community. During the telephone dialogue, the president described the moment Venezuela is going through as “very interesting”. “We have him surrounded at a level that nobody knows, but they do know”, said the republican leader. Then he added: “Something will happen, because we are not going to bear it”. However, he did not give details on what events his country plans against the socialist administration. What he did highlight was his support for Guaidó before the international community. That support did not prevent Washington from proposing that free elections be called. For the Pentagon, Guaidó would be the interim figure in charge of opening the electoral process.

Two years of the presidential elections marked Wednesday, which brought Maduro to a new term. The American Secretary of State Mike Pompeo took the opportunity to point out the illegality of the electoral process. “Two years ago, Maduro showed the Venezuelan people and the world that there will be no free and fair elections while he occupies the Miraflores PalacePompeo said. In turn, he expressed that the “Democratic Transition Framework” created by his country for Venezuela is the route that should be followed to reach a new government.

For his part, the Venezuelan ambassador to the UN asked the Security Council that both the US and Colombia stop war actions against their government. “We urge the Council to carry out its work to maintain peace and security and we demand that the warlike actions be stopped.“The official maintained. Maduro accuses Guaidó of being responsible for orchestrating “Operation Gideon
“, an incursion of” mercenaries “into Venezuelan territory. According to the Venezuelan executive, the militiamen were trained in Colombia with the support of the United States to overthrow their government. The naval operation occurred on May 3 last and was thwarted by the Bolivarian army. As a result, several former military personnel participating in the raid were arrested.

As part of international chess, Venezuela’s claim to the UN had the support of Russia and China. Russian representative to the Security Council Dmitry Polyanskiy asked the other member countries to speak on the matter. “We appeal to members to reject an invasion of Venezuela and a self-proclaimed president that no one elected“Said the Russian official regarding Guaidó.

In parallel, the Trump administration continues to tighten sanctions against Maduro and his environment. The republican government accuses the Bolivarian executive of alleged violations of human rights, corruption and drug trafficking. In the last times, sanctions focused on the oil industry Venezuela, the largest source of income for the Caribbean nation. However, Maduro reported that in the coming days Iranian ships with gasoline and oil products will arrive in the country. Faced with US threats to intervene in the Persian Gulf, the Iranian government warned that if that happens they will respond.



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