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Michael Cohen, the former Trump lawyer, lied. Paul Manafort, his former head of the campaign, lied. And also former security adviser Michael Flynn. It's getting tighter for the president of the United States.

US Attorney Donald Trump, Michael Cohen, provided investigators with information on his former client in two independent proceedings. Among other things, the Russian investigation concerns a multi-story project that Trump had planned in Moscow. During the talks there should have been between the Trump camp and circles around the Kremlin still far in the 2016 election campaign in contacts. He was also the president of Russia Vladimir Putin A $ 50 million penthouse has been promised.

The second case: the former porn star Stormy Daniels

Cohen has made significant efforts to support the investigation, according to a paper published by the special industrialist Robert Mueller. Cohen also admitted that he initially lied about the construction project in Moscow. It is not clear if he wanted to protect Trump or himself.

Trump's former attorney Michael Cohen: He has worked extensively with investigators - and should have also burdened the US president. (Source: Reuters / Andrew Kelly)Trump's former attorney Michael Cohen: He has worked extensively with investigators – and should have also burdened the US president. (Source: Andrew Kelly / Reuters)

In a second case in New York, there are, among other things, silent payments to pornographic actress Stormy Daniels and at least one other woman during the 2016 election campaign. Investigators assume Cohen has liquidated payments on behalf of Trump. At least Cohen had made illegal campaign funding punishable. If Trump's possible instructions were provable, Donald Trump would have committed a crime too. The public prosecutor criticizes Cohen for not cooperating fully and up to five years for the lawyer.

Trump sees everything differently

The president himself saw the release of documents favorably for himself. "This washes the president perfectly clean," he wrote on Twitter. His spokesperson Sarah Sanders said the documents in the Cohen case contained nothing of value that was not already known. "Mr. Cohen has lied repeatedly," he emphasized. The prosecution had pointed out that Cohen was "no hero". On Saturday, Trump repeated: "After two years and two million pages of documents (and cost over $ 30 million) – no collusion!" Trump wrote in capital letters on Twitter.

The Democrats were the first voices to ask for Trump's impeachment. California Congressman John Garamendi was among the first to make such a request. John Dean, an advisor to President Richard Nixon in the Watergate case, told CNN that Congress probably has no choice but to face an impeachment process. However, the danger to Trump is initially considered low, because the dominance of his Republican senate should eventually decide on this procedure.

Cohen apparently collaborated extensively

According to the documents of the office of the special investigator Mueller, Cohen also reported on attempts by the Russian authorities to get in touch with Trump and his electoral field. Cohen's information is credible and truthful. "Cohen provided the Special Investigator with useful information on some secret things related to Russia at the center of the investigation he received through his regular contacts with corporate officials during the election campaign," the newspaper said.

In essence, investigators are trying to find out if Trump has continued to pursue his economic interests in Moscow until the election campaign, perhaps making himself politically blackmailable. At the same time, according to information from US intelligence, there were massive interventions by Russia in the US elections. For example, it is still under study whether the Trump campaign has collaborated with the Russian secret service and Wikileaks in publishing the stolen e-mails from Clinton.

Silence and contacts with Russia

Cohen admitted he had said the falsity at a congressional hearing. During the election campaign, Cohen had had contacts with people from Russia, who wanted to organize a meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Trump – underlining that this could be useful not only politically but also commercially.

In proceedings at the New York attorney's office, among other things, cash payments for ex-porn actress Stormy Daniels play a role. Daniels and other women claim to have had a relationship with Trump. Daniels received some money just before the 2016 election for not saying so. The prosecution considers secret and illegal payments as campaign aid because they have been paid not to reduce Trump's electoral possibilities in 2016. The lawyer is also charged with misrepresentation and tax offenses.

Cohen had pleaded guilty

Trump had initially stated that he knew nothing about the prank. Later, however, his lawyer Rudy Giuiliani had said that Trump had repaid the money to Cohen – so, according to critics, however, the impression of an illegal campaign should be dispelled.

Cohen pleaded guilty and agreed to work with the authorities to reduce his imminent prison sentence. The New York recommendation now indicates that Cohen did not fully cooperate with the investigators. Trump had repeatedly publicly insulted him in recent weeks and portrayed him as weak.

In another document, the special investigator Mueller has accused the former director of the Trumps campaign, Paul Manafort, of several falsehoods. It also relates to contacts with Russia. Manafort had in particular told the investigators that he no longer had any contact with the White House, which turned out not to be true. In the document, however, significant steps are blackened. Even in a document published on Tuesday by former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, large parts are rendered unrecognizable. This indicates that the investigations continue considerably.



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