Donald Trump wants to have betrayal charges against Google checked

Peter Thiel

The German-born Facebook investor accuses Google betrayal of the US.

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DusseldorfDonald Trump has announced a review of allegations on Twitterwhether the search engine operator Google cooperates with the Chinese government. In his tweet, the US President refers to the allegations of Silicon Valley investor Peter Thiel, who on Sunday in Washington, the Internet company inadmissible business with China.

The German -born paypalCo-Founder Peter Thiel, at the National Conservatism Conference, called on the American investigative agencies FBI and CIA to confront the Google Corporation with questions about its relationship with China.

Thiel, one of Google's first investors Facebook, wants to clarify through the authorities, how much influence the Chinese intelligence service has on the management of the group and its AI projects. In addition, the investigators should ask why Google would rather cooperate with the Chinese military than with the American – and the whole “in a not too gentle way”.

On the other hand, Thiel praised the US president for his negotiations with China on Sunday. The 51-year-old is one of the few open Trump supporters in liberal-minded Silicon Valley. The president played the ball back via Twitter, calling Thiel a “great and brilliant guy” who knows the subject better than anyone else. At the same time he announced that his government would “look at it”.

A Google spokesman said that they did not work with the Chinese military, but did not want to comment. The Group's stock lost 1.3 percent in pre-trading hours, but was slightly positive at the start of trading on Wall Street.

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