Donald Trump wants to have never said "Mexico pays the wall"


The Mexico Wall was one of the key promises of US President Donald Trump's campaign. "I will build a great big wall and Mexico will pay me that wall," he said, or in similar form many other times during the election campaign and even while he was already in charge.

Now he told reporters that he never said that Mexico would pay him directly for the wall. "Of course I never said, I never meant that they would write a check, I said they will pay for that, they will."

It's wrong. The "Washington Post" found 212 contrary evidence. For example, in an interview with US television station Fox News 2016 in the pre-election campaign; At that time Trump said: "They will pay for the wall, they will, perhaps even a check will write to us".

At present, some parts of the US government are in the so-called "arrest". This means that a budget lock has been imposed on various ministries, since the budget law was not adopted in due time. Reason: Trump stands for five billion dollars for his wall, but the Democrats do not want to surrender. In November, Republicans had a majority in both chambers of Congress, but they never tried to use taxpayers' money to build the wall.

Over the past two and a half years, Trump has presented several concepts on how Mexico could pay for the Wall:

  • In the election campaign, for example, he threatened to ban money transfers from Mexicans working in the United States in Mexico in the future. The Mexican government should be forced to pay the United States five to ten billion dollars directly for the wall. The Washington Post published the document.
  • According to the Washington Post, there were also other considerations to force Mexico to pay the wall, for example by not issuing more visas.

Meanwhile, Trump claims that Mexico will indirectly pay for the wall through the renegotiated trade agreement. According to the "Politifact" website, this argument is at least imperfect: according to which the agreement with Mexico and Canada has not yet been ratified. Furthermore, no new tariffs had been agreed for Mexican products.


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