Donation bet on Tesla production brings 1660 euros, next round is running>

At the beginning of 2020, Tesla set at least 500,000 electric cars delivered as a target for the whole of the new year. At that point in time that sounded realistic after 367,500 Model 3, Model S and Model X in the previous year, but at that time hardly anyone expected that the new corona virus emanating from China would plunge the whole world into a pandemic crisis. Analysts and other observers lowered their Tesla forecasts, but CEO Elon Musk initially said nothing and then wrote in October that production of 500,000 vehicles could still be achieved.

1660 euros for the animal welfare association in NRW

In the end there were even a few more with 509,737 Teslas (deliveries of 499,550 remained slightly below the round mark). And as skeptical the market may have been beforehand, our forum remained optimistic: 14 of the 26 tips were even above the value ultimately achieved – including that from itself, which was only around 3 percent off with 525,000 cars produced. On the other hand, forum member Pamela almost hit the bull’s eye: She estimated a Tesla production of 508,500 electric cars – with 0.2 percent deviation, almost only a rounding error to the actual number.

This made her the most accurate – even with some margin – and earned the right to determine where all of the betting donations should go. For many, surprisingly, Pamela did not choose a climate or transport organization, but the animal welfare association Stray in North Rhine-Westphaliawho takes in abandoned or tortured dogs and cats and tries to get them into good hands. Among other things, this should be an indication that humans are not only responsible for their own kind, but also for nature, including animals, “who have to live with the consequences of our actions,” as she later explained.

Most of the participants accepted Pamela’s choice or at least felt bound by the rules for the bet, which simply stated that the best guess determines the goal. A total of 2160 euros were promised, two participants with a total of 210 euros declared that they would donate their work to another organization, three no longer answered, one increased afterwards. The data on the donations received were collected anonymously via Stray using a code word in the transfer. In total, the association now has 1660 euros more available for its work, which, according to Pamela, is entirely voluntary – the money is needed for feed and veterinarian bills.

Bet on new Tesla records in progress

But after the Tesla record is before the Tesla record (at least that is how it was in the past and is also to be expected for 2021). And so the next donation bet began in the forum. is also happy to be there again and bet 111 euros on a bold 1.11 million Tesla produced this year – but this did not remain the top tip for long. The new campaign is organized by Forum Member @ MS85 (which has so far been waiting with its own estimate until more data is available for 2021). This time the betting closes on February 28th. The editors of and later a charitable organization after the election of the next winner would be happy about even more participation.

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