Donations in the billions: The ex-wife of Amazon boss Bezos was so generous last year | 01/14/21

MacKenzie Scott used the crisis year 2020 to generously donate her profits to various aid organizations. Above all, she wanted to support those who got into financial difficulties due to the Corona crisis or who had previously lived in poverty. Scott donated approximately $ 6 billion over a five-month period.

• MacKenzie Scott donates $ 6 billion
• Quick and unbureaucratic help
• Donate ‘until the safe is empty’

Scott donates $ 6 billion

MacKenzie Scott, one of the richest women in the world and ex-wife of Amazon boss Jeff Bezos was probably one of the world’s most generous personalities in the crisis year 2020. Last year she used her capital to financially support aid organizations and educational institutions in times of crisis.

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In total, Scott took around 6 billion US dollars of her private fortune and donated it generously to 500 selected recipients. The billionaire justified her efforts in her private blog as follows:

“This pandemic acts like a wrecking ball in the lives of Americans who are already struggling with problems. Both economic losses and health problems have hit women, people of color and people living in poverty in particular. Billionaires, on the other hand, have been able to increase their wealth significantly.”

Quick help

Scott felt obliged to take action in times like these and wait less for political aid packages or similar measures. She writes, “I have an unimaginable amount of money. […] Everything that you do not give freely and freely is lost to you. You open the safe and find ashes. ”

True to this motto, Scott strives to use its wealth for charitable causes and promises to do so in the future. “I’ll keep going until the safe is empty,” writes the billionaire.

So within five months, a total of $ 6 billion reached those who needed it most. It was important to Scott that the help arrived or will arrive at the addressees as quickly as possible without a great deal of bureaucracy.

She supported organizations for the needy, disaster victims and organizations for food distribution, among others.

Donate without publicity

Scott also benefited from the crisis year and the considerable gains in Amazon shares. Before the Corona crisis, their share was $ 23 billion. This grew to around 63 billion US dollars over the course of the year.

Accordingly, she wrote that although she is currently not yet fulfilling her claim to donate a certain portion of her assets, the current donations are a start.

Scott also shared their generosity anonymously, so recipients would not know who provided the financial aid. As the New York Times writes, the donations “came from a secret Santa, $ 20 million here, $ 40 million there […].”

Only later did it become known from whom the generous donations came.

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