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Nine days ago, a new variant of the corona was found. It was named omikron. Now it leads to new and strict rules in Norway.

– We have had a large outbreak of omikron in Oslo, said Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre on Thursday. People were infected at an event. Everyone who participated was fully vaccinated, including those who are infected. Everyone had also tested themselves with a quick test.

(You can read the list of measures at the bottom of the case)

Støre reminded that it is still the case that most people are infected with delta. That is why it is important to vaccinate people quickly. For the vaccine works well against delta. He said that it is now a goal that everyone over the age of 65 should receive the third dose before Christmas.

– We know that it is possible to be infected with omikron even if you are fully vaccinated. This indicates that the vaccine has less effect against infection, Støre said. He still hopes that the vaccine can help people become less seriously ill.

– We hope that the vaccine will protect against serious illness. But we do not know for sure. Therefore, we will now say stop to be safe, said Ingvild Kjerkol. She is the Minister of Health.

But Støre said that more measures are needed. The hope is that it can prevent hospitals from becoming too full. It is also important to slow down and prevent omicron infection. The new rules will apply for 14 days. But he is ready to do more if the infection increases.

– There may be a need to create new and strict measures in a short time. Now there is a need for measures in Oslo and the surrounding municipalities, Støre said. But he also warned that there will be advice for people across the country.

– When the infection has reached the country, we must expect it to spread in the country. Therefore, we will provide advice for the whole country to slow it down. We depend on everyone showing up, Støre said.

– The pandemic is not over. The new variant was found nine days ago. Since then, it has become known throughout the world. What we have seen in recent days, makes it seem as if we have an infection that is spreading in Norway, said Camilla Stoltenberg. She is the director of the National Institute of Public Health (NIPH).

– What we are doing now is to slow down the infection until we get more people vaccinated, and to gain more knowledge. We do not think it is possible to prevent it from spreading, she said.

(Here you can see the press conference again)

Some of the new measures could lead to companies making less money. Trygve Slagsvold Vedum said they are ready with money to help. He is the Minister of Finance.

The new injunctions may be used in other regions where omicrons are found.

Regional injunctions:

  • Requirements bandage in places where it is impossible to have at least one meter distance. These are shops, malls, restaurants, public transport, indoor station areas and taxis. It is exception for children under 12 years people who can not wear face masks.
  • Requirements home office where possible. It can be all or part of the week, as long as possible without any obstacles to a service that is important and necessary.
  • It can only be 100 people gathered at a private event. Whether it is in a rented, borrowed or public premises.
  • Dining places and organizers have a duty to keep a list of who have been guests. Alcohol must be served at the table. There is also a requirement that all guests have a seat.
  • It can only be 600 people at public events that take place indoors and without fixed seats. The 600 must be divided into groups of 200.

This is an order that applies in several municipalities from night to 3 December. These are in these 39 municipalities:

Oslo, Asker, Bærum, Grue, Kongsvinger, Nord-Odal, Sør-Odal, Eidskog, Hurdal, Nannestad, Ullensaker, Gjerdrum, Nes, Lørenskog, Lillestrøm, Rælingen, Aurskog-Høland, Enebakk, Nordre Follo, Ås, Nesodden, Frogn , Moss, Eidsvoll, Nittedal, Halden , Hole, Indre Østfold, Kongsberg, Lunner, Marker, Moss, Rakkestad, Råde, Sarpsborg, Skiptvet, Vestby, Våler and Øvre Eiker.

The state administrator in Vestland county wants the vast majority of the measures to also apply in municipalities around Bergen. It is not adopted yet. These are the municipalities of Alver, Askøy, Austevoll, Austrheim, Bergen, Bjørnafjorden, Kvam, Osterøy, Samnanger, Vaksdal, Voss and Øygarden.

National councils:

  • Adults are asked to keep their distance, preferably one meter. People are asked to avoid hugs and handshakes.
  • Arrangements should be made for people to work from home offices.
  • People are asked to make as few close contacts as possible.
  • People are asked to wear face masks where it is difficult to keep at least one meter distance.

Rules at the border:

  • From night to Friday, everyone who comes to Norway must be tested within 24 hours. This also applies to people who are fully vaccinated.
  • It can be done in three different ways. Either at a test station at the border, at a public test station, or at a self-test.
  • If the test shows traces of infection, it is mandatory to take a PCR test. It should happen as soon as possible, and no later than within 24 hours.


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