Donostia: The Zero Poverty platform warns of the hoarding of doses by enriched countries

The Zero Poverty platform has alerted this morning in Donostia that the pandemic has become a factor that generates tremendous inequality. While in Euskadi 90% of the target population already has immunity against covid-19 in Africa, the percentage of the population that has received some dose is reduced to only 1%.

“The pandemic is one more factor that generates poverty and inequalities, and is holding back the progress of recent years in poverty eradication“, have denounced Iñigo Odriozola and Yolanda García, representing the 21 organizations and social movements that make up the platform.

On the occasion of International Day Against Poverty and Exclusion, a protest march bike will leave this Sunday at 12.00 hours of the Comb of the Wind to the boulevard of Donostia. Under the motto Your vaccine does not protect me: the right to health for all people, from the Pobreza Cero platform in Donostia, they want to open a space for reflection on a pandemic that does not understand borders.

The poorest countries will not be able to vaccinate most of their population until 2023. “It is a consequence of the stockpiling of doses from rich countries, even above their needs, since while they ensure future supplies, access for the rest is uncertain,” they denounced.


Among the countries with the lowest percentage of population with a complete dose or regimen, Africans stand out, among them, Magagascar, Democratic Republic of Congo, Burkina Faso O South Sudan. “To end the pandemic we cannot vaccinate only a few people in some countries. An effective response requires the commitment of high-income countries to participate in a fair and equitable distribution of doses throughout the world,” demanded the organizers of the March.

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The Zero Poverty platform requests that Intellectual Property Rights, including patents, do not hinder the access or availability of any future vaccine or treatment for covid. “It is necessary to invest in the universality of the effective enjoyment of the right to health, seeking solutions in the debt crisis and the fiscal insufficiency to get out of this crisis and rethink the development model,” claimed García.


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