Don’t Embarrass Yourself, This Is The Difference Between Suzuki Jimny Katana, Sierra and Caribian

Aditya Pradifta

Rows of Suzuki Jimy and Suzuki Katana that have been built by Beberes Garage – Don’t get the wrong word that ends up embarrassing yourself when you talk about it Suzuki Jimny.

Because the Suzuki Jimny came out in several versions in the 1980-2000s.

If you want to learn to take care of it, first know the difference between the Suzuki Jimny Katana, Sierra and Caribian.

The Suzuki Jimny Katana was known for its updated version in the 2000s after the early 1981 Suzuki Jimny SJ410.

As described by Dennis Emmannuel, Specialist Workshop Owner MMC 4×4 in Pejaten, South Jakarta.

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Suzuki Katana auctioned by KPKNL Jakarta.

“If the Katana version, the last production in 2006 has a jeep body shape with three doors,” he said.

“While the Jimny SJ410 has a flat roof, the new Katana has a slate,” he added.

The Jimny Sierra is actually a two-door pickup truck with a tub behind it.

This 1984 Suzuki Jimny Sierra, originally white, was replaced with yellow paint.

Bimo SS / Doc. JIP

But the body is closed with a separate body from the main body of the car.

“The cover material can be made of ABS plastic with glass or canvas, it can be removed and installed,” said Dennis.


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