Don’t expect any bright interior! This apartment will surprise you more than once: Secret doors and deep color shades

Israeli interior designer Ariella Azaria-Berkowitz is known for giving her clients a free hand when it comes to interior design. It creates impressive spaces, which are often dominated by atypical shades of brown, orange, black, bronze and other earthy colors. After white and bright interiors, it is certainly an inspiring change.

The owners saw the result of the designer’s work for the first time only at the end of the project, and in addition to the strong atmosphere that emanated from the apartment, they were also surprised by the fact that other rooms – bedrooms – had disappeared. They did not see the door to them. The designer perfectly disguised them so that the main living room seemed undisturbed. The apartment was originally a 4-room apartment, Ariella Azaria-Berkowitz transformed it into a three-room, spacious and harmonious unit for a couple whose children have already left the nest.

spacious living room with gray leather sofa and brown armchairs

Source: Sold by Gonen

The reduction of the children’s rooms made room for a luxurious master bedroom

Two small bedrooms are designed functionally – on weekends they serve the man’s children from a previous marriage. By reducing the volume of these rooms, additional space was created for the couple’s master bedroom. It is designed as a large, indulgent and luxurious room for sleeping and relaxing. There was also room to enlarge the kitchen.

dark luxury bedroomdark luxury bedroom

Source: Sold by Gonen

Secret door

“The biggest surprise for the owners was the change of entrances to the bedroom. The door is covered with a wall-like paneling, without frames or handles, creating complete privacy. When the door to the night area is closed, you wouldn’t even believe it’s there. It was funny to see the reaction of the owners when they first entered the apartment and asked where the rooms had gone.” says designer Azaria-Berkowitz. A secret door leads to a hallway from which you enter two small rooms, a bathroom, a guest toilet and the master bedroom.

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Minimal and refined at the same time! See what happens if you combine white and dark blue in your apartment

The granite floor resembles unique parquets

Designed in an elegant urban style, the apartment includes clean lines and rich materials, as well as items personally designed by Ariella Azaria-Berkowitz herself. After entering the apartment, you will find yourself in the main space, which was paved with light-cream granite reminiscent of unique parquet floors. These tiles connect all areas of the apartment except the master bedroom. In it you will find luxurious, bold and dramatic black granite on the ground. The designer chose similar colors for all the rooms, except for the children’s rooms – gray and black with a hint of orange and bronze.

spacious living room with gray leather sofa and brown armchairsspacious living room with gray leather sofa and brown armchairs

Source: Sold by Gonen

They brought a large sofa from their old apartment, the rest is custom-made

The only piece of furniture that the homeowners took from the original apartment was a large sofa. The rest of the furniture is custom-made. Today, the living room is completed by two fabric armchairs, a coffee table, a stool with storage space and a black oak bookcase. The dining area was custom designed by the designer, it consists of a base made of two metal frames and partially machined black oak.

Line of dark ebony and reflection of the sea

The kitchen line is designed as a whole from dark ebony wood, complemented by a dark gray marble worktop. The details are also worth mentioning, for example the mirror paneling behind the dining island. So even when you are sitting with your back to the sea view – you can see it in the reflection.

spacious kitchen with dining islandspacious kitchen with dining island

Source: Sold by Gonen

The charm of the master bedroom

The master bedroom is functionally divided into four well-defined areas. It includes a sleeping area, a wardrobe, a bathroom and a utility room with practical storage spaces. The floating bed upholstered in golden velvet is framed by LED lighting. The ceiling above the bed was lowered and equipped with a rectangular lamp that is the same size as the bed.

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The owner transferred the colorful lifestyle to her apartment as well: wooden floor, light colors, distinctive ceramics and cacti

The walls are covered with black and bronze imitation leather printed with large triangular shapes. The layering includes a number of other textiles that cozy up the dramatic space: curtains, rugs and cushions in orange and gold. The bathroom also continues the design concept of the bedroom. It has a black ceiling, dark glass doors and a dramatic color palette.

An apartment with a mysterious door

interior design: Ariella Azaria-Berkowitz

location: Israel

area: 170 m2

implementation: 2021

Sabina Zavarská
Photo: Elad Gonen

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