Technology Don't miss it .. The globe passes today between...

Don’t miss it .. The globe passes today between the sun and the “helpless star” buyer

Jupiter arrives to meet with the sun in the sky of the earth today, Tuesday 14 July 2020 at (8 am GMT), as the globe passes between the sun and Jupiter.

The astronomical society revealed in a report that the phenomenon of meeting the buyer is an annual event that represents the middle of the best time of the year to monitor and photograph this planet and its moons in the sky of the Arab world, given that it will be visible throughout the night and the closest during the year, where it is observed with the naked eye on the eastern horizon after sunset and the beginning of the night, and arrives The highest point in the sky is at midnight (midway between sunset and sunrise) in the southeastern horizon, and the planet will remain visible until it sets at the western horizon in conjunction with sunrise.

“When observing Jupiter using the binoculars installed on a tripod, the disk of the planet and its four large moons, called (Galileo’s moons), can be seen as light points on both sides of the buyer, and upon observing through the telescope, it will be noted that the atmosphere is divided into several distinct features that include belts. Regular colored clouds parallel to the planet’s equator.

And those belts formed through the differences in the darkness of the planet’s clouds because they possess varying amounts of frozen ammonia, the sparkling belts have higher concentrations than dark belts, and for this reason the different focus keeps these belts separate through fast winds that reach speeds in excess of 650 km Hourly.

And one of the most distinctive forms that are observed on the buyer is the huge storm called the Great Red Spot, which is large enough for a planet the size of the earth to fall into it, and recent photos have shown that this storm, which has been storming for more than 150 years, is continuously shrinking in size and the cause is unknown.

Jupiter is called the impotent star, because it possesses the constituents of stars, but for thermonuclear reactions to occur, at least 80 planets like Jupiter must be combined to become massive enough to ignite like stars..

In contrast to this year 2020, the buyer will shine ostensibly near Saturn and in front of the Sagittarius stars group, which will remain before it until late December 2020..

It is easy to differentiate between the two planets. The buyer appears as a high-gloss white point, as it is 14 times superior to Golden Saturn and this makes him in the fourth brightest body in the dome of the sky after the sun, moon, and Venus, which is currently monitored on the eastern horizon with the comet Neways shining before sunrise..

The phenomenon of buyer encounter occurs almost every 13 months, which is the time it takes for the Earth to make one trip around the sun for the buyer, and therefore the buyer’s meeting comes about one month late every year. In the past year 2019, the buyer’s meeting occurred on June 10, and next year 2021 will happen On the nineteenth of August.

It is noteworthy that the planet Jupiter will be at the closest distance from the earth (619.241 million km) the next day, Wednesday, July 15, at about 01:00 pm Saudi time (10:00 am GMT).

It is worth noting that within weeks after meeting Jupiter, the planet will reach the highest point in the sky four minutes early every night, and it will remain observed in the evening sky for a few months to come..



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