Don’t panic when the automatic car runs out of breath on an incline, do this immediately


Illustration of an automatic transmission car facing an incline with a slope of 10 degrees – Owner automatic car don’t panic when you run out of breath on an incline, just need to do this.

Quickly move your hands so that lives are saved from the car falling backwards.

Because incidents of automatic cars slumping on an incline generally occur due to lack of understanding of the driver.

Feel confident by keeping the transmission in position D even though you meet a steep incline.

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As a result, the engine can run out of breath alias power and the car slumps backwards.

On old automatic cars, position the automatic transmission lever at N


On old automatic cars, position the automatic transmission lever at N

To avoid this, Hermas Efendi Prabowo, Owner of the Worner Matic Specialist Workshop, Bintaro, South Tangerang, explained.

“Several types of automatic transmissions are equipped with low gear such as D1 or L which can be used when passing steep inclines,” said Hermas.

The goal is that the car gets optimal torque and power when climbing an incline.

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