Dortmund: After the murder of the conspiracy against the teacher – the police publish images – Dortmund



Dortmund: after the murder plot against the teachers, the police publish images

Here, the three boys wanted to attract the teacher to kill him with a hammer.

Here, the three boys wanted to attract the teacher to kill him with a hammer.

Photo: Police Dortmund

Dortmund. Only with luck is a teacher in Dortmund escaped a murder plot of three teenagers. The reason of the principal suspect of sixteen years: by bad grade his transfer was in danger. Therefore, the teacher should be hit with a hammer.

But in turn: Last Thursday (May 9) leaves the teacher of chemistry and German at 14 clock, the complete Martin Luther King school in Dortmund-Dorstfeld. The 16-year-old student and another teenager (18) take him in the teacher's parking lot. They describe at the adult that her friend and classmate (17) suffered a circulatory collapse in a garage.

Dortmund: the master barely escapes the plot of a wicked murder

The teacher follows, but is suspicious. In the past, there were often problems with sixteen year olds. Therefore, it maintains a safe distance.

"The teacher should go on, so they can hit him with a hammer on his head", describes the prosecutor Felix Giesenregen the treacherous plan of the trio. The courtyard of the garage is protected from view, here the students secretly smoke during breaks. The perfect crime scene, thinks the trio. But it happens differently.


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Students take soft knees

"You do not have the courage to strike," says attorney Giesenregen.

The teacher does not realize that he barely escaped death. Call an ambulance, stand on the road and guide rescuers to the seventeen year old. He said he was "weak" in turn. There are no injuries or illnesses detected in the hospital.

Insider tells suspects

Ultimately, the plot planned for the murder flies just because another student tells his mother. Because before, the 16-year-old leader had tried to get more accomplices. He wanted to have an alibi.

The mother, on the other hand, turns to her teacher on her parents' day last Saturday. In turn informs the school administration, which turns to the police on Monday.

The three suspects were provisionally arrested, searches were started. Later they were released for the moment.

Investigators look for witnesses with a dog

The police and prosecutors continue to investigate and then ask for a possible witness.

He was supposed to go to the crime scene with his dog on the sidewalk next to the parking lot of the professor on the street "Bella donna". He may have made remarks that could be very important to investigators.

"This foreigner could make a decisive contribution to clarifying the facts and classifying them legally," said prosecutor Felix Giesenregen.

Therefore, the walker should be under 0231/132 7441 report to the police.

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