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Dota Underlords has released an update, which added game match statistics, improved the mobile client and modified some elements. The developers also reworked the awards for a series of victories and defeats. The translation of the patches was performed by the informal community of the game in VKontakte.

General changes

  • Added invoice table. By default, it opens with the TAB button.
  • Added ranking. Includes players who have reached the "big boss" of the fifth level.
  • Also corrected the lighting on the board.
  • The lists of changes to the latest updates can now be read directly in the game.
  • Information about the season: when targeting hero skills, information about the type of damage they inflict (physical, magical, clean) is displayed.
  • The effects of a series of victories and defeats have been modified.
  • The unit entries are now heard more clearly in the place where they are located.
  • Additional sounds included during the battle.
  • Screensaver with the enemy's view, information about the beginning and end of the round can now be skipped by pressing ESC or by clicking anywhere outside the controls.
  • Furthermore, these screensavers will not appear when the player transfers objects or moves units.
  • A description of the work of the total pool of heroes has been added to the season information section.
  • The changes in the characteristics of the heroes with the objects worn are now visible both during the preparation and during the battle itself.
  • Now the second and third level Terrorblade changes model after using Metamorphosis (bug fix).

Mobile client

  • Added information on battery status.
  • Fixed a bug where the pause and resume buttons disappeared.
  • Added the option Tap to move: suitable for those who prefer to move tape drives, rather than drag on the display.
  • Added battery saving mode.
  • Now you can learn the skill of the hero in the shop.
  • Additional performance improvements.


  • Fixed a bug where the hunters' bonus on demons didn't work, leaving the synergy of enemy demons active.
  • Fixed a bug where Miners put the barrel in the wrong place.
  • Fixed all known errors that found the path to artificial intelligence.
  • Level 9:
    possibility of characters second reduced discharge (30 → 25%),
    possibility of characters the third exhaust – increased (25 → 30%).
  • 11th level:
    possibility of characters the first exhaust increased (10 → 13%),
    possibility of characters second exhaust – increased (15 → ​​20%),
    possibility of characters the third discharge – reduced (30 → 25%),
    possibility of characters the fifth exhaust – reduced (15 → ​​12%).
  • Now the battle stops a second after the death of one of the parties' last hero, so that the other has the chance to make a draw.

Re-elaborated series of victories and defeats

The reward for a series of defeats:
has been:

  • 3-4 defeats – 1 gold;
  • 5-6 losses – 2 gold;
  • 7+ defeats – 3 gold.

It has become:

  • 3-4 defeats – 1 gold;
  • 5+ defeats – 2 gold.

Award for a series of victories:
has been:

  • 3-4 wins – 1 gold;
  • 5-6 victories – 2 golds;
  • 7+ wins – 3 golds.

It has become:

  • 3-4 wins – 1 gold;
  • 5-6 victories – 2 golds;
  • 7 victories – 3 golds;
  • 8 wins – 4 golds.
  • The winning series is reset to 8 wins.

Subject changes:

  • added Personal strength:
    the subject of discharge 3 support – pushes the enemy to be 6 cells in a random direction.
    Recharge: 10 seconds.
  • added Vyse scythe:
    4 points of support: when the owner suffers damage, the attacker turns into a pig for 4 seconds.
    Recharge: 15 seconds.
  • added Full-time contract:
    Support for Subject 2: the owner is in the Blood Alliance in addition to other alliances.
  • Silver lining:
    Modified description: "Receive 1 charge when you win a battle. If you lose and the item has charges, it gives 1 gold and loses 1 charge."
  • Shaman Pluck:
    The risk of turning the culprit into a chicken has increased from 5% to 17%.
  • Blink dagger:
    now gives the owner 50 mana when used.
    Cooldown reduced from 60 seconds to 15.
  • Tooth and claw:
    incorrect incorrect folding bleeding effects.
  • Coordinated Assaul:
    now it's really cohesive, because now it works.

Heroes changes:

  • jellyfish:
    Split shot
    (Fan shot):
    Now the secondary goals are side effects.
  • Lycan:
    Evocation of Wolves:
    Fixed bug with incorrect increase in the maximum amount of health.
  • Venomancer:
    Health has increased from (500, 1000, 2000) to (550, 1100, 2200).
    It evokes the plague department:
    The number of totems evoked has been increased from (1) to (1, 2, 4).
    Totem is always 1 rank.
    Reduced application time from 0.5 seconds to 0.13 seconds.
    The charging time is increased from (5) to (5, 6, 7).
    Now the totem has 50% magic resistance.
  • Disruptor:
    Warlock added to heroic alliances.
    Static storm:
    Now it also blinds the enemies inside the storm with a 25% chance of losing.
  • sorcerer:
    Word shadow
    Reduced application time of 0.5 seconds to 0.4 seconds.
    Charging time reduced from 20 seconds to 6 seconds.
    Damage reduced from (100, 150, 200) to (50, 100, 150).
    Health recovery from (75, 150, 200) to (50, 125, 175).
    Action time from 6 seconds to 3 three.

Changes in the alliance:

  • sorcerer:
    The capacity of the alliance has changed: now that the warlock uses skill, it forms a link with an allied unit that has the lowest health score. Communication takes 3 seconds. When one of the connected units deals damage, both are healed for 50/100/150% health from the damage dealt.
  • shaman:
    Now, to activate synergy, you need 3 units instead of two.
    Alliance abilities changed: enemy units that suffer the effects of curses (Hex), silence or stunning, generate a -200% mana when they are attacked.


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