Double Olympic venue technology assistance-visit the Beijing Winter Olympics figure skating test under the background of epidemic prevention

Double Olympic venue technology assistance-visit the Beijing Winter Olympics figure skating test under the background of epidemic prevention

2021-10-14 21:36:13Source: Xinhuanet

Xinhua News Agency reporter Luo Xin Pan Yi Zhang Han

The Capital Gymnasium, located in Haidian District, Beijing, welcomed the official training of the “Meet in Beijing” 2021 Asian Figure Skating Open on the 13th. In the next four days, figure skaters from home and abroad will gather to transform a new stadium, show off their competitive style, and start a different new schedule.

Four years later, the Capital Gymnasium once again welcomes high-standard international competitions. This is not only a test of the function of the stadium reconstruction, but also a “big test” for epidemic prevention.

Not long ago, as an important part of the capital gymnasium complex, the figure skating training hall was completed and accepted, and it will assume the task of figure skating training during the Beijing Winter Olympics.

“This is the Capital Gymnasium to host an international event again after 4 years. It is also the only opportunity for the Capital Gymnasium’s venue group operation team to conduct a full-field and all-element test under the normalized epidemic prevention and control before the Beijing Winter Olympics.” Capital Gymnasium Said Ding Dong, director of the stadium group operation team.

The reporter saw at the scene that there was a hand disinfection sensor at the entrance of the venue, and it also broadcasted “Please disinfect your hands and take personal protection” in both Chinese and English. An epidemic prevention card with a health pass code is hung on the chest of the staff, who can swipe the code to view information at a specific location, and is connected to the background big data platform to monitor the gathering of people and related conditions through nucleic acid detection, health monitoring, real-time body temperature and other data hint.

“In this test competition, we put the epidemic prevention work in the most important position. For this reason, we divide the personnel into closed-loop internal and closed-loop external management. The direct or indirect contact between personnel in the closed-loop and foreign personnel is concentrated in sports, technology, and In areas such as catering, waste removal, transportation, media, medical and epidemic prevention, their food, housing, and transportation are all implemented closed-loop management, and strict implementation of epidemic prevention policy requirements.” Ding Dong said, “The figure skating competition will also implement contactless awards.”

The reporter saw at the scene that compared to the ice test in April this year, because of the participation of foreign athletes, the various signs and services of the venues have carefully considered the multilingualism. For example, at the entrance of the closed-loop management area, there will be “no access” written in four languages: Chinese, English, Korean, and Japanese.

After the “Meet in Beijing” 2021 Asian Figure Skating Open, the Capital Stadium will soon usher in the 2021/2022 ISU Short Track Speed ​​Skating World Cup.

“We are facing tremendous pressure. Short track speed skating and figure skating venues have a short conversion window, and many tasks require people outside the closed loop to enter the closed loop after the venue is completely eliminated, and then quickly withdraw after completion.” Ding Dong said.

Ding Dong said: “This time around 2,000 people will participate in the 29 business areas of the stadium operation team. The test competition is to show the world our major achievements in fighting the epidemic under the background of normalized epidemic prevention and control. The ability and level of international competitions demonstrate our confidence and determination to hold the Winter Olympics safely as scheduled.”

“We treat each test match as a’big test’ and prepare for the Winter Olympics standards.” Ding Dong said.


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