Double somersault and twists: the shocking exercise that Simone Biles tried

The 23-year-old American athlete Simone Biles He trained again for what will be his second Olympic participation in Tokyo 2020, which will be carried out in 2021.

The United States authorities authorized the athletes to return to training and Biles I went back to work. On her social networks, the young athlete published a video in which she attempted a movement that, according to her, she had not carried out for 10 years. I haven’t done a double jump since I was 13. Here we go, I wrote Biles on his Twitter account. What did the exercise consist of? The most winning gymnast in the history of the World Cups of the discipline made a move with two somersaults to which she added two other twists in the air.

In gymnastics, this exercise is called a double double and is named after Daniela Silivaș, the Romanian athlete who won three gold medals at the 1988 Olympics in Moscow and who was also crowned world champion seven times.



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