Double tragedy in the US: the cause of the death of the groom of the killed social network star has long been revealed

Brian Laundry went on a trip with Gabija Petito when she disappeared. Laundry returned to Florida without her, but disappeared when police began an investigation.

The man’s remains were found in a swampy place near his family’s home. Laundry’s family lawyer, Steve Bertolino, said the man’s death was a suicide after he was shot in the head.

“Chris and Roberta are still mourning the loss of their son and hope the two findings will bring cover to both families,” the lawyer said.

Laundry, 23, was an interest in the murder of Gabija Petito. Her parents announced her disappearance on September 11th.

Laundry’s body was found in October, a month after Petito’s remains in Wyoming. Laundry’s body, including part of the human skull, was found along with a backpack and notebook in a place previously under water.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation confirmed his identity the day after the body was found.

A forensic expert concluded that Petito was strangled and her body was in Wyoming National Park three or four weeks before it was found.

The couple were stopped by police on August 12 after a physical dispute broke out between the two, but no charges were filed.

Laundrys returned home alone on September 1 in a Ford van that had both traveled.

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